Rant-a Claus is coming to town! (December mini-rants)

I find that now that I’m as old as most students’ grandfathers, I’m no longer creepy, I’ve graduated to harmless.

Which means I can ask them a simple question and pretty soon they’re bitching to me about their roommates and siblings and parents and social media…

So stop playing the victim card, and try talking to them like they’re normal human beings.

My daughter (a nurse) worked for a few years in the maternity department of a hospital in Virginia. It was a big hospital in a bad area. It was common to find meth pipes and empty liquor bottles after visiting hours.

They had a complete police substation located within the hospital.

I had thought there was a federal prohibition, but discovered I was in error when looking for a cite.

Only 11 states have specific bans on firearms in healthcare facilities. And some of those allow either open or concealed carry.

  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Vermont

Giffords Law Center (close to the bottom)

In the state I live in, places can specifically prohibit firearms on their premises, so you’ll see signs like this in healthcare facilities, schools, libraries, and (not surprisingly) bars.

I’ve seen similar signs at hospital entrances in Ohio.

All women in their 20s are “over-entitled and never-accountable” is that ferrealz what you’re telling us you believe?

I think that what he’s really saying is that everybody should get off his lawn.

I can’t believe it either. This seriously darkens my outlook.

Sometimes creepers can’t even creep right. Sheesh!

At the risk of sounding stupidly obvious, I just want to mention that in my microwave, it’s sometimes not obvious if the plate isn’t properly seated on the rotating spindle thingie that drives it. It looks like it is, but it isn’t. And in those circumstances it may sometimes make the kind of half-hearted revolutions you describe, or none at all. I’m pretty sure you already checked this, but hey, worth a mention. :slight_smile:

Did I say “all”? Nope. Just another Lie.
I don’t like Drunk Drivers. They can hurt you, maim you, kill you and there’s almost nothing you can do about it.

NYE has more Drunk Drivers than any other day of the year.
Are all drivers on NYE Drunk Drivers? Nope.
Are Most drivers on NYE Drunk Drivers? Nope.
But, you can’t tell a Sober Driver from a Drunk Driver unless you’re on the road… and by then it’s too late.

I choose not to drive on NYE because if you’re not on the road, the Drunk Drivers will hit someone else.
I treat women in their 20’s like I treat men: with no interest.
I buy your product, here’s the cash, bye. I buy your service, here’s the cash, bye.
Full equality with no fashion, hairstyles, perfume, or pheromones in the mix. If she wants to flirt & ‘play the game’ she can play it with someone else… hopefully with her S.O.

( PS- Isn’t a Creeper some guy who wants to interact with them? Better come up with a better Former Cheerleader childish insult than that. And you can keep your constipated rat-on-a-leash off my lawn too. The sign says ‘Curb Your Dog’. Goes for strollers too. )

This bit pretty well negates your claims to equal treatment and disinterest.

What the actual fuck are you talking about?

So bf walked me to bus to get home. He forgot his wallet. I had to put 5 in. I only hav 18 to my name, my rent (25) is due this week, cant pay that. Phone due next week. Wont get my paycheck til the 13th.

We were at a favorite brewery last night. A small group of 30-somethings were being loud, trying to convince one guy in the group that he shouldn’t be driving home. He was arguing way too loudly that he was fine.

As he walked by me he grabbed my arm and asked if I thought he could drive. He’d really gotten on my nerves by that point. I stood and said (loud enough so everybody could hear), “you’re drunk enough that you don’t realize everyone thinks you’re an ass. I don’t care if you drive or not, but you’d better let go of my arm or I’m going to beat you senseless”.

He let go, then he started crying. Apparently I’d hurt his feelings?

It’s January 2nd! Why are we still posting in the December thread? Do I have to start a new thread again? Yeesh!

Absolutely this. But, he is an older male and I think he is speaking about stereotype of a woman in her 20s from his youth. Gods, but I hated that stereotype, even if I was a model in my own youth.

Actually, I think he’s fallen for the incel/manosphere trope that a man who dares speak to a young, attractive woman, even in a professional setting, will be treated as a potential rapist and run out of town by feminazis and snowflakes.

Ugly, misogynistic crap, in other words.

So every time you see a man in his 20s, you also look away and not at his face?