Rant about SDMB and pandemic

I have come to SD randomly for a few decades now and randomly browse the boards and always thought I could get open minded information from free spirited people and kind of thought of it as information that is really what’s going on from people in “The know”. I haven’t come by in a few years though and now that I read through this thread, I realize I was sadly mistaken. The “free spirited” people I thought were here now sound like they bow the knee and put on their face panties and blindly take a thousand injections of who know what into their bodies. Talking trash about truckers who are standing up for civil rights. I did get some relief when I saw the post about the discipline failures and bullies - right on man. I question the people that want to arrest truckers, maybe arrest them one by one, if they have that same thought on the rioters that were called peaceful protesters. Those 2 situations are on opposite ends of the extreme, but yet I think reaction and treatment of them are reversed. The PLANdemic has long been exposed as a slight of hand. We are supposed to think that what these people call “science” is actually science. The same type of people who don’t know the difference between a man and a woman. Is that the people we want to get “science” from? And all the talk on here about people contributing to “community spread” and unvaccinated (whatever that means - it’s not a vaccine, the public really doesn’t know what it is) people causing harm and deaths? I thought these boards would push back on that moronic thought. I would have thought these boards would mention how evil it is that the current president of the USA (or as I like to quote Crazy Nancy - the current occupier of the White House) talks trash about his own people that pays his salary and he is supposed to be representing - saying moronic stuff like “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” and “the unvaccinated are killing people”. It’s that kind of talk that sets up different levels of different classes of people and it is pure evil. And these are the people whom he is supposed to be representing, and the whole world is seeing the current occupier of the White House trash talk and put down his own people. And the message boards of SD are repeating these same kind of talking points, so YES, I can see that the PLANdemic has made everybody a little bit crazy. We all go a little mad sometimes - Anthony Perkins - Psycho. But hey who am I, I am Just A Loner

One day the Qraqen will be released and Trump will descend from the right hand of JFK Jr. and smite Fauci, Biden, and all the others who dare defy the True Word of Q! Preach, brother, preach!

As opposed to a Facebook post by a Conspiracy Theorist? (Or what naita says, below.)

There are numerous different vaccines and not only do we know they are vaccines, we know what kind of vaccines they are, how they have been tested and how effective they are.

The only way to doubt that is to selectively read “news” sources that at best cherrypick their data, but most of the time just quotes someone else who quotes someone else who knows someone who is certain they started to pick up shortwave radio after they got a tetanus shot that one time after they stepped on a rusty nail.

Oh, and welcome as an actual poster to this board! I’m sure that once you sincerely engage with the information given you in response to this post you will be a valuable contributor.

Not only that, we even know what’s in them since the ingredient lists are public. Did you know that they have poisons in them, like Sucrose (Pfizer and Moderna) and Ethanol (J&J)?

Source: COVID-19 2023 Update – Ending of the Public Health Emergency

Modding: Split this bump off to its own thread. And the Pit is the only place for it as it is a rant.

Ignoring the rest of the mess, try some paragraph breaks in your rants and people are less likely to treat you like a crazy person.

There’s a reason the OP’s a loner.

ETA: Batshit crazy is batshit crazy, with or without paragraphs.

I didn’t post to Facebook, I posted to SD. I don’t even have a FB account, like at all, not no pseudonym, nothing to lurk, troll, or whatever the kids call things these days. I mentioned in my post I come by SD randomly from time to time to get information from what I thought were open minded and free spirited people, and that’s not the picture I get when FB comes to mind, I want nothing to do with FB. And I could call someone who believes that a modified version of the flu is a reason to insert messenger RNA into their bodies a conspiracy theorist themselves. But who am I, I am Just A Loner

Nice, did you come up with that?

(either way, I’m gonna steal it.)

Indeed I did!

Modding : Split this bump off to its own thread. And the Pit is the only place for it as it is a rant. Wow. I am currently correct as to I was previously wrong about my old viewpoint about SD being occupied by open minded and free spirited people. I will no longer be lurking. Still might browse some of the much older SD archives as they are more what I come for

Oh, you weren’t incorrect. You posted your political, conspiracy-theory-laden rant in a forum which is clearly labeled “no politics.” Your post didn’t get censored, and it didn’t get deleted – it got moved to the correct forum for rants.

If people you have long considered “open minded” and “free spirited” have looked at a set of facts and come to a different conclusion that you have you might consider that you are in error and at least hear their reasoning instead of tuning it out.

As for “messenger RNA” - your cells are full of it, and have been since your conception since that is how your DNA communicates with the rest of your cells. Have you had chickenpox? Then you’ve already had viral DNA incorporated into your body. Herpes/cold sores? Same trick. Except with wild RNA because I’m sure organic, free-range viruses are soooooo much safer…

Aside from that, there are covid vaccines that work in a more traditional vaccine manner and you are free to get one of those, although they are not as protective.

Covid is not a modified version of the flu. That is pretty much like say a hippopotamus and a squirrel are the same thing.

But you do you - I suspect you didn’t come here to learn, only to rant. So rant away. We’ll pay attention for a little bit, until we grow bored.

Or perhaps, not being satisfied with this thread, you might attempt to spread disinformation and conspiracy theories in other threads until you trip over the rules and either leave or are escorted out the door.

At least be entertaining in the meanwhile.

Already there.

Is the complaint that a message board which is dedicated to fighting ignorance is not hospitable to stupid, malicious, even evil ideas?

For sure. If anyone thinks this right wing loon has come here to do anything but spew his bullshit, you’re deluding yourself.

I really hope he’s flounced off in a huff, because anything else is a complete waste of time.

Amazing that this country once produced men like George Marshall, now we produce ‘men’ like the OP.

Talking trash about truckers who are standing up for civil rights.

Donald? Donald J? Is that really you?

We also produced and elected men like Andrew Jackson and Huey Long, so you know, good and bad.