rant continued from Legalize All Drugs

(things I hate)
23. Howard Stern
24. Bisquik
25. nonalcoholic beer
26. “collectible” plates, knives, medallions,
anything else made exclusively to be “collectible.”
27. calling something a “quality” product (everything has qualities: good, bad, etc.)
28. calling something “very unique”
(that is sort of like “very dead”)
29. The Eagles (the band)
30. Poison (the perfume)
31. Y2K (the hype)
32. marshmallows and raisins
33. self-righteous liberals
34. self-righteous conservatives
35. Independents who succeed only in pulling votes away from the lesser of the other two evils
36. rude drivers
37. all-or-nothing thinking
38. litigiousness
39. lists of hateful things
40. The number 40, as I just turned that age and realize that I still have most of the liabilities of youth but none of the advantages; likewise, many of the pains of old age but none of the rewards.

Thank you for your time and attention. Good day.

Gotta take exception here, sugar loaf. Poison in minute quantities on me smells very good. Come sniff me if you doubt. In fact, I invite all to come sniff me on any given day. I always smell sweet as it is my one female hang up. I don’t do make up, hair stuff or trendy clothes but I always smell sweet. SNIFF me lover!

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

Would love to sniff you au naturel, babe, but I stand by my original assertion. Poison (the perfume) smells like a mixture of grape bubble gum and Raid. If you do not believe me, spray some Raid on a wad of slightly chewed grape bubble gum. While we are on the subject of scents, let me add to my hate list: Pollo. Yuck, gross.

Could you elaborate on #24. What do you prefer to use for pancakes?

Pancake mix, make it from scratch, anything but Bisquik! That stuff was made to be a “miracle mix” that can be used for anything: pies, cakes, biscuits, pancakes, etc. The result of this culinary breakthrough is a substance that makes nothing properly. Useless as teats on a boarhog.

I’d just like to add that TennHippie is right. Poison smells like Raid. I’m not so sure about the grape bubble gum part. Raid. Raid. Raid. I even thought that before ny fiance’s ex wife started bathing herself in it. But, on the bright side, when she comes to visit, my ant problem goes away!


Gonna beat a dead horse here but: ANY perfume or cologne that someone practically bathes in will reek! Poison in a small touch behind my ear smells wonderful. I will defend this scent to the end folks! I don’t put on a ton of it. If you can smell someone’s scent 5 minutes after they leave the room then they are wearing TOO much. IMHO you should only be able to smell it if you are leaning in close to them. That’s when it’s nice. My other favorite that some folks hate is Anais Anais.

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

Okay, Byz, maybe your body chemistry does something magical to the stuff. It always stunk to me, in any amount. Anais Anais is delicious, however. That tells me that nothing’s wrong with your smeller. other faves of mine:
White Shoulders
Alfred Sung
some, but NOT all, types of Patchouly…Spiritual Sky makes a good oil, but I’ve sniffed other brands that are awful.

Oh, and don’t waste your money on fancy Vanilla Fields or whatever. Just do what the country gals used to do: splash on some vanilla extract. Yum!

If I put on vanilla extract I think I’d smell like a sugar cookie… maybe that’s not a bad thing. Wanna bite?