Ranters, you're making this board suck!!!

This is the PIT, Goddamn it, not the Whinery!!! Take a position or get the fuck out!

Sorry, to rest of you, I’m off my Prozac.

Where’s the mods when you need them?

WTF are you talking about?

Go take your Prozac and come back when you are back to normal you big piece of shit. (no offense to my other depressives on the board)

Do you need a moderator to hold your wittle hand? If you don’t like the topic, post it in in the fucking thread you penis-pimple. Don’t go and generalize about being whiney when you are doing the same fucking thing.

Get a grip on yourself, sheesh.

< whatever >



My name is Origato…

Please don’t be an asshole before we even meet.

And your problem with that post is what?

I took a stance aka a postition on my topic, per your whine in the OP. I posted it in the correct forum because it’s not a flame…

Please esplain yourself Lucy.

Look pimple, not to get off on the right foot, but you state a generalization about whiney people on the boards, your OP didn’t have any examples etc…Oh, then you find one of my threads and use it as an example as far as I can tell. I can handle that, what I don’t get is your general rant in The Pit about general ranting. It’s a weak attempt at a Pit thread.

In addition to that, you state that people should take a stance, where in the hell in my OP on that thread did was I wishy washy about my position on the matter at hand?

Okay, so give me something more that I can really chew on and then I can look past this thread and realize it has worth.

er damnit, wrong foot – just wrote a letter to the editor of my snoozpaper and have rigth wing stuck in my head.

Well, this is fucking weird. Origato, may I be of assistance here? Like maybe jamming your meds down your throat? Don’t choke on the water.

Kill the radicals!

tc68, I don’t think origato was using the link as a demonstration of what he complained about. I got the impression that he was noting that you two had met previously (and he had complimented you on that occasion) and that he did not understand why you were attacking him now.

(I have no great feelings regarding this OP or the responses to it, but I hate to see people in a fight totally misunderstand each other.)

Oh, I really enjoy that! It’s my Iago complex.

Oh, Ike, we MUST do this Moor often.

Like I said, “this is fucking weird.”


Fucking weird sometimes leads to the best fucking of all. Nothing like a little experimentation.

“Fucking weird sometimes leads to the best fucking of all.”

—Ah, something else to embroider on a pillow!

Ha! Smothering fetish, have we?

If more Pit threads don’t start finding their proper way soon, I might have to start making hostages of them by posting innane, insane, and incredibly boring griping anecdotes.

The first one up will be “Baggage claim at the Memphis Airport - worse than Hitler’s Germany, or a Non-Stop Roller Coaster of Thrills, Chills, and Spills?”

Followed soon by “Why I hate Alamo Rental Cars”, “Bad Breakfasts I Have Known”, and ooooooo…I know!

“My Hideous Experience in High School, Chapters 1 through 436”

But nobody wants this, do they? So get back on topic!

This may be just me, but doesn’t a rant establish a clear postion on a topic???

:raises eyebrow:


At The SDMB Pit Academy, I heard of such things. A rant about rants. But they were only theories. We must be careful not to interact with it. It might implode.

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As a bona fide whiner myself, might I ask what we’re SUPPOSED to be posting to the Pit?

I’ve been wondering for a while, especially since so many people try to “pit-ify” their posts, only to have other people say they thing THAT’s annoying too…

Let us ponder the nature of the Pit… Or at least, for christ’s sake, give the rest of us some guidance.

LOOK at all the Moderators posting to this thread! This is so cool! Looks like they’re all back from that Sensitivity-Training Seminar in the Bahamas.

Hey, guys, is it true that Alphagene threw all his furniture in the pool?

Any minute now you’re going to get my san-serif font rant. Lago? :wink:

What I’m looking forward to is when Lynn closes this thread for being a joke and Origato starts a new thread complaining about that.