Rap wars, Sharpton, and my taxpayer money

The Rev. Al Sharpton is calling for a 90-day ban on radio and TV airplay for any performer who uses violence to settle scores or hype albums.

Of course by doing this he’s heaping more gas onto the fire, instead of extinguishing it, but I digress…

  1. Rap wars - Let 50 cent and the Game shoot eachother to Swiss cheese, I could care less. In fact let any asshole that lives by the sword die by the sword.

  2. Sharpton -

The shooting didn’t happen on live TV you fucking idiot! They have absolutely no jurisdiction over this matter. If peope are so disgusted, let them boycott the stations. Keep your meddling ass out of it!

  1. My taxpayer money goes to shit like this?

For his protection? If he’s going to be a big boy and talk the shit, why does he need an escort? He already has the BB jacket and a hoard of goons, wtf more does he need?


Let me get this straight:
Sharpton, who is a general jerk and has long been known as one who would play ther race card any time it will get him some publicity, steps up and makes a plea that the FCC shut off public sources of income for people who engage in violence to promote their incomes (which is what all these “feuds” really are). He does this without once (that I have seen) making any stupid claim that “the Man” is encouraging the violence in order to suppress blacks. And he does it by citing the fact that the FCC is already on a witch hunt over an issue that is far less of a problem than actual murder.
And your response is to get upset?

I’m sure that we will see plenty of evidence in the coming years that Sharpton is a power hungry, race baiting clown, (and I doubt that this call for action will get very far), but for once he seems to be acting in a responsible (if naive) manner.

I’d say cut him some slack on this one.

I’m probably more pissed about 50 cent getting a police escort, but I think Sharpton should appeal to the radio stations directly instead of getting the FCC involved. What criteria should be used in silencing them? If an artist gets in a public feud withing 2 weeks of them releasing an album we should shut them off the air? Are you kidding me?

Whist I agree that the FCC ought not be involved here, I just have to say that I’d really rather prefer that “50 cent and the Game” not “shoot each other to Swiss cheese,” in my neighborhood please.

So, to summarize, NYPD = yes, FCC = no.

Is he going to get a police escort where ever he goes from now on? There are people in the crossfire where ever he’ll go, not just the airport.

Dunno. The police have been doing a pretty good job lately; felonious assaults dropped under 100 for the first time in ages in my precinct this year. So if NYPD thinks an escort is the best way to prevent people getting shot in the ass in my neighborhood I’m inclined to give them some latitude in that area.

Darn. I’m going to miss hearing Frank Sinatra on the radio for three months.

I see where you’re coming from, but I see them acting more as body guards. I wouldn’t mind some free bodyguards myself, maybe I should threaten some people.

I’d like to hear from a rap fan on this. Do you love your favorite performer more when he goes into schoolyard bully mode? Is he more appealing because he has a bullet scar?

I have to agree with World Eater on the “let them shoot each other to swiss cheese” comment. I fact we should lock them into a bullet proof room with cameras. Fuck 'em. Let them join Tupac, Bigge and the rest of the violence promoting misogynic assclowns in the nearest cemetary.

That pretty much explains Oakland’s murder rate.

<raising hand>

Rap fan checking in.

No, not more appealing, but I do find it annoying when some dude talking all this shit has never actually lived it.

50 cent need not be worried about these rap wars, I’ve got him in my Celebrity DeathPool 2005.

Funny you should say that. I live just a few blocks away from the “death triangle” as they call it. I never feel the least bit unsafe, you know why, because it’s mostly the asshole drug dealers killing other asshole drug dealers. In fact I wish they’d publish the stories more sensationally, maybe it would give some of the younger kids who aren’t already lost, pause. What I know I’m sick of, is explaining to my boys why I’m destroying the latest CD full of glorified drug-dealing, women abusing, violence promoting, so called “music”, some dumbshit whose grasped the concept of picking up a mike, but can’t find something positive to do with it.

Sadly I bet sensationalizing the stories would result in more emulation.

Hmm… I wonder if they’d ban Nirvana.

I’m with Tomndebb, this is reasonable for Al Sharpton.

By “some dude,” do you mean me? I’ve never “lived it,” I’m just trying to understand how a criminal record and bullet scars make a performer more credible. This really harks back to the days when John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd were folk heroes. I thought we were past that. Is shooting people cool now? Is this progress? I really don’t understand.

I think he was talking about “studio gangsters”.


Why limit this to rap stars, then? I can think of several politicians and world leaders who could benefit from the whole “die by the sword” social evolution gimmick.