.rar File Opener

We get .rar files from our clients in China and I need a way to open them. Does anyone have any advice on a good, safe source for this?

7-Zip is great and free

That’s what I came in to recommend.

I use http://www.extractnow.com/ for the ability to extract multiple files, and place them in a new folder.

I’ve been OK with RAR Knife.

Thanks everyone. I went with 7-zip and it worked well. I knew I’d get a great answer from you all.

Me, too.

I know question has been answered but WinRAR / RARlabs is a good place to start.

Note that WinRAR isn’t free. After the trial period (30 days? however long it is), you are supposed to either pay for it or remove it. I know the older versions would just nag you every time you used it after that but would remain functional. I’m not sure if that is still the case.

Yes, it is - they just shame you for not paying, but the program still works.


I’m late to the game, but will add more weight to the 7-Zip recommendations.

Excellent software.

A friend of mine recently came to me with the same question, but she had already tried to open the file in Notepad and was very amused by the fact that the first line of a .rar file reads


Rarrrrr, ye scurvy scallawags!

Anyway. 7-Zip is excellent software. I see no one else has mentioned it before, so I thought I’d put that out there. :wink: