Rare car sightings

I saw one of these at a local car show tonight:

1939 Graham

Your link’s not working.

At a car show in Toluca Lake, California a few years ago, a guy drove up in a 1957 Dual Ghia.

Notice on that page they say that there are believed to be only 32 of these left in the world.

Is this better?

A different picture of the same car

Once, around 1999, I saw what I am almost certain was a McClaren F1 on a highway north of Atlanta, Georgia. I believe that only 9 were imported into the states.

Last year, Johnny L.A. started a thread that might be of interest.

HA!!! Sure is strange why pictures of Graham cars refuse to load. Come on, they’re not THAT ugly.

If you cut and paste this link into your browser, it will work, if you just click the link in the SDMB post, it won’t work. Looks like I found a new subject for GQ.


For a lot of free-hosting sites, direct-link simply won’t work. However, with most, if you rename the *.jpg to *.txt, it will direct link… unfortunately, with some browsers (like Mozilla/Firefox, in my experience, but maybe that’s been fixed by now), you’ll just get random gibberish. Works with IE, though.

A few weeks ago in NYC I saw a brand new Maybach. It had embassy tags. Even just sitting in traffic it still stood out from the crowd.

Yesterday I saw a Pierce Arrow on the road in my neighborhood. No mistake I saw the hood ornament.
A month or so ago I was in Napa Ca. and was being followed by an MG TC.

Looks pretty ordinary to me.

I saw a '69 Challenger today. White over burgandy. While not real rare, it’s one of my favorite cars.

I see many '60s cars in the Tampa / St. Pete area every day. It’s pretty cool to see a '67 Ford wagon in real good shape roaming around town.

I always wanted one of these. Saw the 1800e model in town this afternoon. There’s also a very nicely restored Jag XKE, similar to this one that I sometimes follow on my way to work.


A few days ago, I saw a black Nash Metropolitan here in town. Not so rare, but you don’t see many collectors.

1968 Oldsmobile 442

Someone at a factory I used to do contract work for owns one.