Rare Dog Breed (Italian Spinone)-What Are They Like?

This breed is hardly known in America…but I just saw one yesterday. They look like a wire-haired pointer. Anybody know what their personalities are like? Are they good pets?

I have heard they don’t make good pets, that they are working dogs that need a job to do. Cute hounds though (imho).

Also known as Italian Pointer.Used both as a pointing bird dog and as a retriever.It should not be kept as a house-pet;all bird-dogs should be given plenty of day-to-day exercise and training.

They’ve just been recognized by the AKC.

Most rare breed working dogs still have a very strong work drive. They’re usually not far removed from their working past, and breeders work to maintain working traits through the lines.

I’ve got two Portuguese Water Dogs, which are rare breed Working Group dogs. They’ve got all the traits that make them great house pets, but there’s still a very strong drive to have a job to do … to be more than just pets. Although they’ll plop on the couch and get comfy, they’re not content to relax for hours on end; they demand more attention and physical interaction from their owners than very popular breeds.