RARE Marlon Brando Interview on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - 05/11/1968

Just uploaded 5 days ago! I haven’t even started this – wanted to post this for all to see. Rare indeed!

There is exactly one of it!

My, how times have changed.

I knew about Brando’s support for native Americans. I didn’t know about his support for blacks. That was a great interview.

He was marching 5 years before.

Finally got around to seeing the interview last night. I think it should be part of any high-school curriculum.

I though almost all of Johnny’s pre-Burbank shows had been tossed by NBC. Have they found a different source, or was his production company holding out on us?

I keep seeing older stuff, so someone must have saved some. Maybe certain ones? It’s too bad, because VCR recording started a bit after (I think)