Rare Orson Welles mystery movie?

I just finished reading a Orson Welles biography which includes a detailed filmography complete with unfinished and abandoned projects. So, I remember vaguely having watched a rare Orson Welles mystery film about 15-20 years ago on German TV, but there is no reference of such a story neither in that bio nor at imdb.

The things I remember about this film: It was the classic plot where the protagonist (Orson Welles) breaks down with his car in the night and looks for help at a mysterious (Victorian?) mansion, inhabited by two women (maybe mother and daughter). After that, I don’t remember any details, only that some mysterious story evolves. It was certainly filmed in b/w and had a classic film noir atmosphere, and probably took place either in England or New England. I also think the movie was announced as being some lost and rare work (of which Welles had quite a lot).

So, does anybody have a clue if such a movie exists, or if my memory plays tricks on me ?

I found it: Return to Glennascaul.

I was sure that Welles had been the director, so I didn’t check the movies he only starred in in detail. I also didn’t remember that it only ran 23 minutes.

At least, my memory didn’t trick me completely.