Rare Photo Found of Westerner Killed by Khmer Rouge

Story and photo here. Many people don’t realize that 11 Westerners were among the more than 10,000 people killed at the Khmer Rouge’s Tuol Sleng interrogation center in Phnom Penh. This guy whose photo was just found, his is a damned depressing story. A typist in the French Embassy, he had a Cambodian wife and a couple of children with her. Seems he chose to stay and hope for the best. Sad.

The wife and I have visited Tuol Sleng. It was just a converted high school in a very quiet residential neighborhood. The very mundane setting really ratchets up the creepiness factor.

Whoever denied her and the kids(maybe) an immigrant visa at the French embassy needs to be throttled in public

I’ve been to Tuol Sleng too. With the crumbling concrete buildings, rusted barb wire fences and pens, and ghoulish artifacts left over from all the interrogations, I don’t think a more decrepit and depressing place exists on earth.