Rarest last letters of place names

It doesn’t match your size threshold but it’s always good for weird city names: Zzyzx

Another X: Ajax, Ontario.

I’ve been to Ptuj in Slovenia.

And Roscoff in France.

Lochindorb, Canisp (a mountain), Banff & Turriff in Scotland. Ruislip in England.

Kuujjuaq, Quebec (Canada). As well as ending with “q”, it has a double “u” and a double “j”. (population: 2,754. No roads to the outside world.)

When I was much younger, I used to play a game with my friends where you gave the name of a place or geographic feature, and the other guy had to reply with another such name that began with the last letter of the name you gave. There are plenty of names that end in “a” and “e” (an awful lot that both begin and end with “A”, in fact). But, of course, you kept trying to feed your opponent names that ended with weird letters like “X” – Essex, Sussex, Middlesex, Apomattox – because there were only so many place names beginning with “X” that we knew – Xingu, Xochimilco.

“Q” was never as much as a problem because a.) we didn’t know many places that ended with “Q”. You said “Iraq” and you were pretty much done – who knew of all those others? , but b.) There were lots of places that BEGAN with Q – Queensland, Quebec – so there was no driving force behind finding more Qs.

Rovinj is a modest sized town in Croatia. Looks like a lovely place. According to Wiki it’s pronounced [[rǒʋiːɲ]]