Rash on hand (picture included)

I have noticed this discoloration rash on my palm for a couple weeks, it is where my palm touches my mouse pad. I have had the same mouse pad for years though. Here is a picture I took of it today http://imgur.com/a/U8Zng

What do you think it is?

Looks like eczema to me.

I also wanted to add there is no skin peeling or flaking, to the surface the skin feels the same as the other hand. Can it still be eczema? I first thought it might be vitiligo, do you think it might be?


It’s never lupus.

Looks nothing like vitiligo, which I have.

Try changing the mouse pad and see if it improves? Kind of looks like an allergic reaction, but IANAD.

What’s the pad made out of…I developed a latex allergy as an adult, would probably manifest similarly.

If your hand were in a tub with a child and became water-logged, it might look like this.

Are you angry I said that? Good. Use the anger, call your REAL Dr…! Go…!
I have no desire to wish you to have a hook on your hand for the rest of your life just because I was weak and wanted to play Doctor…

Could it be sarcoidosis?

Yes I have been bingeing on House lately! Damn you, Netflix attached to infinity…

Obviously leprosy.

First stage of werewolfism?

I had similar rash last summer from sumac - have you been cavorting with any plants in the poison ivy family?

Looks like a callus.

How’s your vision?

What do I think it is?

It’s gross, that’s what I think. Hopefully not terminal though. I give you 50 years, 60 tops, to live.

You are to be commended for having excess rash in case someone needs it.

Need some gold bond, bro :slight_smile: