1. What do they actually believe?

  2. If somebody wants to join (not me – a friend), is there a formal conversion process and / or a rite equivalent to baptism? Or are a Rasta if you say you are?

Here’s where I dug up the information.


  1. Aside from some strongly anti-white doctrines,
  1. Apparently one is a Rastafarian is he/she says so because -

I understand aussi that Rastafarianism is one of the most caustically anti-gay religions around.

“One said to the other, ‘no man see my face and live’.”

Oh wow, somebody besides me listens to 80’s Dylan. Whoever you are, I love you!

Thanks for the link, krish. I think it’s safe to say that my friend will NOT be joining this religion if I have anything to say about it …

I thought that [“Infidels”] was a really outstanding album – and, I must say, I really dig that SN, FP.

Also, as a self-appointed Pope, I must remind everyone – sometimes Satan comes as a Man of Peace. :wink: