Rate my friends new site..

From the sick mind of myself and my good friend, I would like to bring you…



I’m curious on feedback.

And for those that don’t know it, I’m the Turbin’ burnin’ Killa…

Note: May be a tad offensive for overly sensitive types…

Or not… sheesh, just 'cause I can’t post 1000 times a day anymore… hehehehehe…

George W. Bush said:

Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT normally a very politically correct kind of guy. But let me tell you one thing. The goal of the attacks was to create fear and suspicion. Osama hopes that we ostracize Arab-Americans so that they will be forced into joining him. Sites like your friends’ further his goals. Granted, it is only the title which is offensive, since the content seems to focus on the actual terrorists.

Maybe you could suggest to your friend that he/she change the name.

Yeah, “raghead” isn’t very nice. But I did get a perverse chuckle out of some of the anti-Osama images. I also liked “New Afghan”.

What software is your friend using to make the images? I always can offer digital imaging tips. (Not that your friend asked, and not that I’m an “expert”. But, you know, your OP did say “rate my friend’s new site”, and I natually thought you meant the technical aspects!) :slight_smile:

Has your friend thought of putting all the content of the page in a table, set to - maybe 80%? That always looks nice. And tell him not to center-justify all the text. Always a good thing.

Carry on!

So you and your friends think nuclear destruction of a country is funny? I don’t and neither do the vast majority of the TM’s, I’m sure. I mean, I’m all for hunting down and killing the guilty parties, but I’m also a big supporter of the rule of law. This ain’t it.

I’m closing this thread. Probably saving you a trip to the Pit, too.