Rate your Netflix service

If I had actually done web searches, I never would have signed up, as there were so many horror stories.

But I did. I signed up exactly a year ago, and the only problem I ever had with them was they sent me a wrong movie once, which they promptly shipped out without hesitation.

Other than that, no mail lost during delivery, no accusations that they didn’t receive a movie I mailed back to them.

I’ve always received timely delivery and have had no complaints. Never even had a DVD that wouldn’t play, unlike the past half-dozen I’ve had at my local video store in the last year.

I loves me some Netflix.

I live in Queens, and they have one of their distribution warehouses out in Flushing, which means I can often see a three to four-day turnaround for DVDs.

I have never had a problem. They always mail stuff quickly, and always process my returns quickly too. Netflix is awesome.

I love it.

It’s now how I can afford to get plenty of movies to see, without having to go hunt for them and worry about late fees.

I’m definitely living on a strict budget these days, but Netflix is $20 that I’ll keep paying, (until I run out of movies to watch!) :wink:

I also like the fact that they carry television shows that have been released on DVD. Thanks to Netflix, I am currently enjoying the second season of 24, which I never got to watch when it originally aired, for less money than it would cost to buy or rent from Lackluster Video.

I got a movie that wasn’t on my list once, but that was in addition to the three other DVD’s. I think I may have had one that didn’t work. It’s been great!

As soon as we get a Canadian Netflix, I’m there!

Wow. What a great thread. As someone who watches too many movies as it is and who has been wondering about this service, it’s heartening to see positive responses.

Netflix is great. Sure, they make money off people like me who never get around to watching all my movies, but it is worth it never to have any late fees. I usually get a three-day turnaround on my movies (mine are sent from Maryland). Highly recommended.

Hubby loves his Netflix. We live in the boondocks, so it’s a good way to get dvds we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. We’re in Ohio and they ship to us from Michigan.


Yeah, I love my Netflix. I’ve only ever received one scratched DVD, and I’ve been introduced to all sorts of new movies that I love!

I’d definitely recommend it.

I also [heart] my Netflix. I love no late fees if it takes you one or two (or three) weeks to get around to watching a particular movie. My movies turn around in 2-3 days and I almost always have some coming or going. I think my record in a month was 18 movies.

I’ve gotten 2 damaged discs (been a member for about a year now I think) and never had a mailing problem.

So far I’m likin it OK.

Downsides: No packaging info; only disc in an envelope. Wish I had a booklet, etc., to leaf through.
Biggest downside: only three at a time. I watch 300-400 movies a year. I get my three, watch em, send em back, and wait 5 or six days for the next three. So no matter how fast I watch em, I can’t get more than 12-15 movies a month. I do ten movies a month from Video Library at the same time, and still have gaps when I got no movies to watch.

Don’t like: their recommendations are bullshit and random. 80% of the movies I’ve rented from Netflix are old and/or foreign, and they still pop up with Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey vehicles.

They have another plan that allows more at a time. My husband used to do it, but didn’t watch the movies fast enough for it to make sense.


Question: When you get a defective disk, how do you resolve the issue?

I hate Netflix, although I have not had it in over 2 years.

I live in Philly and at the time it was not possible for it to be worth $20 a month when transit time and the like made it cheaper for me to walk to hollywood video.

My gripe was this: If I have 100 movies in my queue and the first 20 are not available, pick number 21 on the list and send it out right when you receive a movie from me. They told me they waited like 3 days to see if your first choice shows up. This service is all about speed and turnaround of movies and I thought this was a delay tactic. Also, they never had any movies in stock. And I am not talking about new realeses. I used it mostly for old movies that I missed the first time arounb and it was ridiculous that some of the movies were never available (like the Sting or Patton). And when I complained and cancelled, the customer service was non-existant.

Any other Philly people use it and find it worth the money?

When you get a defective disk, you go on the site and indicate that the disc was defective (scratched, cracked, etc.) and you’re sending it back. You mark on the disk sleeve that the dvd was damaged and return it. They immediately send you a new copy of the movie (without waiting to receive the damaged one), and then they email you when they receive the damaged dvd.

Also, whenever I’ve had a “long wait” dvd on my queue, they always send the next available disk right away (they don’t wait 3 days). Perhaps they’ve changed their policy since you’ve been a member, stu.

If you’re willing to pay more money, you can have up to eight movies out at a time. Click on “Your Account” and then “Upgrade or Downgrade Membership” and you can sign up for the 8-disc or 5-disc plan. You can also sign up for their cheap “economy” plan which has two discs out at a time for a max of four per month, I think.

This is just TOO cool. I recently bought 100 shares of Netflix. Woohoo!

I have had Netflix for a few months and love it, I get the movies quickly, Shipped on monday I get on wednesday

I have mostly ordered anime titles so far and every one has been available so far

I had numberslate for a while and wasnt getting any movies after the first week or 2( everything was not available)

There is one cal DVDavenue that also has video games I am going to check out

I like keeping one disk of a TV show like the Sopranos and watching one episode a week while I watch and return movies each week. I don’t have cable and wouldn’t be able to see it otherwise.

I’ve only had a couple of minor issues and they were resolved immediately.

Netflix gets a “thumbs up” from me!