Heard about this site on NPR(of all the places!). Anyway, some guys have been collecting all the liberal quotes from Dan Rather over the years. So what do you think? Is he biased?

Me? What do I think? No, he’s not biased…when compared to Peter Jennings. :slight_smile:


All Dan Rather threads must have a link to “Rocked by Rape” by the Evolution Control Committee.

It seems that what these people really want is for Rather to not report basic facts about the debate, and to not clearly represent both sides. Many critics did say that the the plan didn’t add up, so what is wrong with Rather reporting what their viewpoint is? He did not say, “the numbers don’t add up in Bush’s plan”, or anything of that sort. He didn’t make any factual statement about the plan or its implications. All he said was that there are people who do believe that Bush’s budget and tax cut are fiscally irresponsible. Apparently, when Rather mentions the liberal viewpoint, he is displaying his own liberal bias. I guess fair and even-handed reporting would occur is only the conservative viewpoint on a particular topic was mentioned.

ITR, you hit the nail on the head.

Most of the loud conservatives just simply want to control the terms of the debate.

Strike that.

Everybody wants to control the terms of the debate, but conservatives have made a market industry of producing talking point.

(A cute example of this occurred back in 1996, the GOP was so concerned that the media was so biased against them, they essentially bought informercial time – dubbed GOP-TV – on the USA Network to air the GOP convention, free from the taint of Dan, Peter, and Tom.)