Rating public health threats

Hi, which is worse from a public health standpoint, human feces or a freshly hocked loogie. While we’re at it, what are thoughts on doing a neti rinse in the kitchen sink? Thank you.

From a public health standpoint, assuming that you are talking about a “normal” sized bowel movement amount of human feces or a loogie, it’s practically zero. A lot of clarification is needed; is it just sitting there on the sidewalk? Is it in the toilet? Is it in a water reservoir? Is it on somebody? What are you trying to ask here?

Hi, sorry, let’s say they’re on a sidewalk, you step in it, you walk into a grocery store or restaurant. What kind of germs are you spreading, how many, how communicable. Thank you.

It depends greatly on the health of the person from whom the detritus originated.

I’d say the feces would be the biggest danger; sputum isn’t usually very great in amount, and would dry up almost immediately, and also be non-hazardous if it was in the sunlight (albeit gross).

Anyone remember this nugget (no pun intended) from the fall of 2014? SFW, although it’s gross too.