Ravioli recipes

What’s your favorite ravioli fillings, and if you sauce the finished raviloi, what’s your favorite sauce?

I have a hankering to make ravioli and want some original ideas. I’d like to try a seafood ravioli as well as a traditional meat filled job, with some nice sauces to match each…

Thanks for any ideas/tips. I’ve never made ravioli, but complex pasta dishes don’t scare me. If it’s not 100% the first go, I’m cool with that.

I’ve researched the pasta dough, so that’s not an issue.

tip for a meat filling, nutmeg. Nutmeg is pretty much the flavour of ravioli.

If you really want to have some spur of the moment ravioli, wonton wrappers do the job just fine.

Once you figure out a filling, try Toasted Ravioli, St. Louis style! (Though I prefer meat-filled, myself.) Ravioli don’t get any better than that. YUM!!

I just came in here to mention deep fried ravioli (toasted). Whats weird is that I didn’t know it was St. Louis style despite working as a cook in an Iowa resteruant that served it. What’s weirder is that I’m moving from the west coast to near St. Louis within a month. Weirdest yet, the last Italian resteraunt I was in I noticed served toasted ravioli, and it was on The Hill in St. Louis. OK that last one wasn’t so weird. Toasted ravioli is good as an appetizer.

A seafood ravioli: fill two ravioli trays with two cooked and picked mudcrabs, one clove of minced garlic, a beaten egg, a little parsley and salt and pepper. Sauce with butter, chives and verjuice or lemon.

Butternut squash filling. Browned-butter sauce. MmmMMMmmm.

I made the butternut squash once, and it was tasty, but didn’t have a deep enough flavor for me. I wonder whether a really good cheese, something with a deep flavor, would improve it. Possibly a strong goat cheese would work?

I also keep meaning to make a mushroom ravioli with goat cheese and walnuts, which I think would be delicious.


My sister-in-law does a ravioli with artichoke hearts, ricotta and lemon zest. I don’t know the proportions, but if you play around with it, I don’t think you could go too far wrong.

Please do!

Thanks for the ideas, just the kind of suggestions I was hoping for.

Keep 'em coming!

For a seafood ravioli, you could substitute smoked salmon for the artichoke hearts, but keep the ricotta and lemon zest. Or you could add diced, pre-cooked shrimp, though in that case I’d keep the artichoke hearts as well.

Now I’m getting hungry…

I once made Shrimp Creole ravioli. Hell of a lot of work, but worth it.

Hippy Dippy but yummy ravioli filling:

Steam some spinach, and then chop finely (let cool) (1 cup cooked/chopped)
stir in an egg
add some cubed tofu, stir in (until cubes break up into small particles) (1 cup)

Roasted pine nuts (crushed) (about 1/2 cup)

fill raviloi with the above, cook, and then use

chopped tomatoes (2 cups) fried in garlic butter with chopped onions and italian herbs as a “sauce”

it sounds wierd, and is “non traditional”… but… well its like crack… once you try it… you will want more…
serve with garlic toast


I just came up with a totally new culinary idea that will make Chef Boyardee spin in his grave. Ok, Dude… this is, like, gonna blow your mind! It might even cause time and space to cave in on itself and turn inside out.

Ravioli stuffed Ravioli!

Start with a tiny stuffed ravioli boil it til done, then seal that into a slightly larger ravioli with a different stuffing and then boil that, then stuff that into a yet larger ravioli skin along with yet a different stuffing then boil that, repeat a couple of more times until you have a giant plate sized ravioli. Just like a Russian nesting doll, but, you know, with ravioli.

Tie all of the stuffings, sauce, and flavors together at culinary will.

I usually make seafood ravioli with a mixture of shrimp and talapia, sauteed with a lot of garlic and fresh basil. I use a parmesean cream sauce on it. For the cream sauce, I take a couple of cups of heavy cream and add a little garlic. I reduce the cream by half over med-hi heat, then add grated parmesean. whisking it in as it melts. It’s really, really good.

Aha! My college cafeteria used to serve fried ravioli (in fact, it was by far the best thing they served), but I’ve never seen it before or since, and I had no idea it was a regional thing. (My alma mater is nowhere near St. Louis.)

I’m moving to the St. Louis area within a month, too. How weird is that?

What about some nutmeg or cinnamon added to the squash? Butternut squash is good baked, buttered with nutmeg and a bit of cinnamon. That might perk the flavor up for you? Hmmm, or maybe a bit of a spicey sausage instead of the cheese, but not much? The contrast of the peppery flavor against the squash would be good. What about a teeny bit of onion with the squash? (As in, a couple diced bits per ravioli, just enough to give a slight oniony taste.)