Raw food

Are there any humans past or present that eat only raw food? How about no food preparation at all?

Any animals that prepare their food?

Hmm…interesting question. I would guess raw would be okay for most veggies. The meat thing, that’d get tricky with parasites, etc. Interesting question!

I don’t know any animals that prepare their food. Interesting Q.


Bees not only prepare their food; they package it.

Uhhh…isn’t that the standard human diet before we discovered fire?


I knew someone who was a member of an organization dedicated to eating only raw food. It was located in Boston in 1978, I don’t remember its name and don’t know if it’s still there. They had meetings where they’d teach how to make various meals out of raw food. Sorry I don’t have more info!

Well, there are Fruitarians.


There is also this site http://www.sunfood.net/

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