Raw Meat and Eggs

Is regular soap and water good enough for washing a plate that has residual raw meat and eggs, or should I use bleach?


Need answer fast.

Soap and water’s fine. You don’t need the bleach.

What? Dude, there is no bigger fan of bleach than me, but if the instruments are still fresh, just wash it with soap. Unless your plate has a big crack, er, in it – I think of those as bacteria vectors, or is really visibly covered in piles of mold and smells bad. Then you’re screwed.

Standard operating procedure for cleaning food contact surfaces is: Wash, Rinse, Sanitize.
So yes, use the bleach.

That’s a very high commercial standard. For washing dishes at home, soap and water and good sense are sufficient.

Well, I often eat raw meat and raw eggs. I’d clean up with regular soap/water.