Ray Donovan...Masters of Sex... Rectify...

New seasons; no threads…unless I missed them.

RD…you gotta see Ray Swearingen’s great great grandchild !

M of S…three episodes and no nudity (that I can recall)

Rectify… I’m wondering about something but can’t figure out how to spoiler box at the moment

I’ve been enjoying RD in the past seasons, but now it seems to be just wondering around aimlessly, plot-wise. I see that they have now set it up so he’s working for the Deadwood guy, and maybe that will be an interesting arc. But I’m not so sure.

MoS was pretty good, but it, too, seems lost. How many disfunctional kids do we need in these series?

Never seen R.

Gave up on MoS after last season. It just seemed like semi-porn propped up with a thin plot.

Gave up on Ray Donovan during the first season.

We’re still watching Rectify; not sure why it continues to hold our interest, as it’s a very moody piece. Sympathy for the main character, I guess, but those are some pretty screwed up people.

Oh, and to spoiler something: [spoiler] insert whatever you want to hide from view, then end with the same thing, only with a forward slash in front of the word ‘spoiler’.

I’m getting the feeling that not many people are watching these shows. :slight_smile:

I’m watching Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex. Before it started, Ray Donovan was promoted as being about a guy who fixed problems for Hollywood insiders but so much of it is about his screwed up, depressing family.

Masters of Sex is more interesting. I usually read the AV Club writeups about the show. They mentioned one interesting thing. Apparently the most recent episode (the third one of the current season) was meant to be the one starting the season. The first two episodes were apparently added because the real-life children of William Masters and Virginia Johnson didn’t like how they were to be portrayed.

It’s pretty common for new shows to have some shock value. The first season of Six Feet Under could have been called “Embalming 101”, lots of dead bodies in that season, but it tapered off quickly and focused of on inter/intra personal drama.

I actually meant to start a thread about that, after the first episode of this season there was a disclaimer that said “This program is about the important achievements of Masters and Johnson. The children, Tessa, Henry, Johnny and Jenny, are entirely fictitious.” I had a feeling they got in trouble for something.

Ray Donovan season 1 was great.

Season 2 was just insultingly bad.

I have no interest at all in a season 3.

Here’s my Rectify thing …

[spoiler] At the end of ep 2, the evil legislator had a stroke in the diner when he was with his former fling. There was no mention of it at all in ep 3. Ep 4 then started with him in a hosoital room, unable to communicate and the former fling visiting him. It’s odd that there has been no other mention of his situation by anyone…

t seems they might be setting up a scenario where the fomer fling took him to a hospital and didn’t tell anyone who it was but I can’t see her being able to pul that off. [/spoiler]

Yep. And the wife is one of the most irritating characters on TV. The writers should be ashamed of themselves.

IMO, it was promoted as being about a guy that could fix other people’s problems, but not his own. Kinda like The Sopranos.

Other than getting darker and deeper into their own rabbit hole, it’s the same premise as it was in E1.

The thing that really bugs me is that most of everything that’s happened is because Abby called Mickey and brought him into their life after Ray worked so hard to get rid of him.

Hard to say what the writers are up to with that. This show moves at a snail’s pace, so it could be awhile before we find out what’s going on.

Regarding Ray, I just went back and watched the trailer that came out before the show. It was specifically advertised as a show about a guy that can’t fix his own problems. Don’t get me wrong, his family is way more fucked up than the Jones’ next door, but that’s TV for you. (C’mon, she’s replacing him with a dog? And that’s just another version of the bear in the Sopranos)

I watch Rectify. I am surprised (gratefully) that it has had 3 seasons (and is already renewed for a 4th), because it moves at such a glacial pace. I love it, though. The actors are all wonderfully believable in their roles, and the characters are written so well.

Regarding the senator, I seriously doubt they don’t know exactly who he is. I don’t know what the purpose of this story development is, other than it sidelines someone who could be an obstacle to discovering the truth about what happened 20 years ago…

The sheriff is hard to read. He seems to see that things don’t add up, but he’s playing his cards close to the vest.

By the way, Abigail Spencer (‘Amantha’) has a small role on True Detective this season.

Rectify… they showed the senator in a couple of eps subsequent to my posting. His story arc/line was weird…almost as if they cut scenes that would have made the whole thing make more sense.

Masters of Sex…I’m now three eps behind and may give up on it

RD…still watching.

I’m the opposite. Masters of Sex I really like. Ray…I find myself skipping through the boring parts and sometimes even stopping it before the end.

I didn’t give up on M of S. It’s just that my wife and I watch it and our schedules have been off. Plan on doing some catch up tonight…

Really liked the season wrap for Rectify. We decided we’ve had enough of MofS. It’s basically just soft porn with a thin story line.

I still watch Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex, but I haven’t watched any TV in around a month. I’ve been mostly just watching movies.

I now have many episodes stacked up of Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex, The Brink, plus even the entire first (only) season of that Maggie Gyllenhaal Sundance show about being a POW or something. There was marathon recently, and since Sundance is now in HD on my cable system I figured it might be worth a shot.

Ray Donovan this season has been averaging about 1.3 million viewers per episode, and Masters of Sex has averaged about 600,000.

Last season, Showtime’s *Homeland *averaged about 1.7 million. HBO’s Game of Thrones averages about 7 million and True Detective about 2.6 million. AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead broke records for cable series debut this week, with just over 10 million watching the premier on Sunday night, and 13.3 million watching Live+3 (i.e., on the opening night, or time-shifted over the next few nights).

I was overseas for all July and half of August, so i had a friend record Ray Donovan for me. I’ve caught up with the first three episodes of the season so far. Like some other folks here, i’d prefer that they devote more of the show to his “problem- solving” work, although i actually find some of the stuff about his dysfunctional family quite compelling. The actor who plays Terry is great, and i also like the character of Bunchy.

In the episode that i watched most recently (ep. 3), Ray has just gotten Terry out of prison, and signed himself away to work for the billionaire. I’ll be interested to see where this leads. He might do more “fixing” work now, but all for the same client, which won’t be as interesting.