Razor Conspiracy

I get jumbo boxes at Costco and they’re probably less than 50 cents per razor. I use one for a day or two and then grab a new one. I can’t think of anything else in my life that cost 15 to 20 cents per day or less.

I started with one, so I’m not sure. I’ve used cheap disposables while travelling, and the primary difference seems to be that the disposables require pressure, while my safety razor is heavy enough so that you need to let the weight of the razor do the work. Very little wrist force is required.

Wow, are you a werewolf or something? I usually get at least 2 weeks out of a Mach 3…

My experience has been the exact opposite. The two-blade disposables I got would be good for one or two shaves before going against the grain on my neck would results in numerous nicks. With a Gillette Fusion I can easily go a month before having that problem. The first several shaves are still noticeably smoother though.

It’s not trivial. You’ll need to learn the shape of your face all over again, since you need to hold the razor at a fairly precise angle to every bit of your face. You’ll probably have to unlearn some old habits as well. With the three-bladed razors I used before, I know now that I pressed the blade against my face until I felt the right amount of cutting resistance. This is Very Bad when you’re using a blade that’s sharp enough that there’s no perceptible cutting resistance. And don’t ever shave against the grain. In all, I had a couple months of serious razor burn, and when I was first trying the sharpest blades, I managed to remove a substantial amount of epidermis without realizing it at the time.

In frustration, I picked up some of my preferred brand of disposables, but they felt like rusty steak knives. So I kept using the safety razor, and now I’m very happy with it.

If you’re more careful than I was, and don’t make any stupid mistakes, the adjustment should be easier for you…

I’ve heard and read that stropping (rubbing the blade the wrong way for several strokes on your forearm, for example) before shaving will extend the life quite a bit. I’ll have to do a study but it will take several months because my Fusion blades last for weeks as it is.

I use the latest and greatest, the Fusion. I make a point of changing the blade on the first of the month (and usually don’t shave Sat, Sun) so I get about 21 or so shaves per razor. I used safety, then 2, then 3 - and there is no comparison in smoothness and quality of shave.

I know they got all concerned that people were not changing blades often enough, so they ahd all sorts of social media campaigns to make sure guys knew - when the green is gone, time to change. BS. The green is usually gone after about 10 or so shaves, but it works fine until the end of the month, although the quality between used and new blades can be felt.

The biggest “conspiracy” is that they hold the patent on the 5-blade system, so they don’t let anyone else make competing (i.e. cheaper) blades. it’s a license to print money. One item I read said that the blades are the most shoplifted items in Britain.

It should be fun when the patent expires.

I switched to them one year ago. I would say one week before you manage to shave your whole face, one month before you do it effortlessly.

Begin by shaving the easiest part of the cheek with the double edge and then finishing with your usual razor on the first day. Then work your way to the chin and neck.

If you are careful, you will almost never cut yourself or get a razor burn.

You’ll need some time to find your favorite brand of blades (buy a sampler package; mine is Lord Platinum), too.

I use a Preserve razor, the handle of which is recycled from yogurt cups. I leave it wet, on the shelf in the shower, and the bathroom sees a lot of humidity (lots of running water, and we live in a pretty humid area anyway). So you’d expect a very short lifecycle for my blades.

But I use them for months – many months – to the point that I only change a few times a year, and can never remember exactly how long it’s been. I might have changed the current cartridge in October, I think, and it’s now March.

Reading this thread, I was wondering why mine seems to work so well, but upon going to the company’s website, I see that their blades are “titanium-coated.” Could that be a factor?

I get mine direct from the manufacturer and pay about 25 cents per blade. If I don’t keep it dry, it wears out in a week. If I keep it dry, I can go two-three weeks. At that point it’s costing me a penny a day to shave.

Obligatory Onion article. “Fuck Everything, We’re Doing Five Blades.”

I started using Dollar Shave Club a couple of months ago, and I’m fairly happy with it. However, I went with the top of the line blade, which isn’t really dramatically cheaper than the Gillettes I was using before (maybe even a bit more expensive; I haven’t done the math). I just like it because it absolves me of having to remember to buy more blades. The blades I get work very well, but I’m not sure if the cheaper blades are any good. There’s no obligation, and they do let you change plans if you want, so there’s not a lot of downside to giving it a try.

I take a moderate amount of care with my Mach 3 razors–I rinse them, dry them, and I also run them (in reverse) over the rough part of a towel–the idea being that it helps smooth out small imperfections, a la a sharpening steel for knives. But they don’t last that long, maybe two weeks until they start “tugging” at my face and I can tell they are getting dull. I also don’t shave every day, and I wonder if that may have something to do with it–perhaps a thicker beard every 2-3 days is harder on a razor than a daily shave on lighter stubble.

Hint: You can buy them yourself from the wholesale supplier and cut at the middleman at a huge savings. I have never done it because I don’t use fancy razors but Lifehacker.com has an article on how to do it if you want to save significant money.

My tip for any razor is just buy a small $1 bottle of mineral oil or baby oil and pour about half an inch of it into the smallest container that your razor head will fit it. Plop your razor head down into that when you are done using it. The mineral oil prevents any corrosion, makes your face baby smooth, and also lubricates the head so that the next shave is silky smooth.

You can also restore razor blades fairly easily with a spare piece of denim like you cut from old jeans. The blades themselves don’t really fundamentally change with moderate use. They just develop microscopic snags that grab individual hairs and make them less effective and potentially dangerous. You can get rid of those with a few swipes against denim if you do it the correct way (google it if you are interested). I have done it and it works but I would have to be a special kind of poor before I resorted to that as a regular habit.

I just buy a year’s supply of 52 two-blade Gillette razors from my local wholesale club in one box and the total cost is about $14. I switch them out once a week and store them in mineral oil between uses. The last shave is almost as good as the first but I don’t really care about studying the potential longevity of such cheap items.

Whats this now?

God, that was nine years ago! About a year or two after that Onion article one of the blade companies, Gillette I think, actually came out with their 5-bladed razor! I started a thread about the razors wars imitating art. Cracked.com did too (number #5)!

Here’s another article on Cracked.com (also #5) that describes the ‘drying them off’ procedure, which does work.

I’m not spamming, but I buy my razors from dorcousa.com. A nice handle (better than the name brands) and a dozen triple-blade cartridges all for under $12 including S&H! With also drying them off they last almost a month each for me!

You’re certainly not the first to say this, but I don’t understand why. The blades are stainless steel. My flatware is also stainless and it does not corrode when left wet.

I’ve tried storing in various oil and alcohol solutions but have never gotten more than a week out of any blade. I now just grow a scruff and use an electric trimmer to keep it short.

I bought the fusion razor and blades when they first came out, and never looked back. For me they last a heck of a long time, months per cartdrige in fact. I don’t have soft facial hair either. If I were to grow a beard and shave t off, you could use the hair as a s.o.s. pad.

FWIW wet shaving is one of the last of the old technologies which modern science has not bested.

I used to use proper double edged safety razor blades but recently gave up and moved to the “new” disposable multi blades discussed in this thread. They are excellent. Indeed the older safety blades were excellent too but more fuss.

I’ve used electric razors over the years but rarely more than a week, and I’m back to blade shaving in the shower. :smiley:

I recently switched from an electric razor. My experience is that the 4 blade razors work very well for one or two shaves, then they get plugged with hair and no amount of water will clean them. I don’t have that problem with the 3 blade razors. I use them for weeks.

I’m still learning though.