Guys: How Long Does a Razor Last You?

My apologies if this has already been discussed–I searched and did not see it.

We seem to be getting inundated with commercials for razors that claim to last longer than Chinese civilization, with the implication being that normal razors won’t go half a shave before they’re useless. Being a chick I can state that, at least in my case, drugstore razors last almost indefinitely due to my (fortunate!) lack of dark or coarse body hair. Mr. Lee uses an electric shaving system–it’s a Braun so it’s verboten in our household to call it anything less–so he can’t speak to the matter.

So I ask you: are drugstore razors really that bad? How long do they actually last? I will obviously take into account that there will be a difference if you shave your scalp as well as your face.

They last 2-3 weeks (maybe a month and a half I don’t really know) with daily shaving of beard area. I buy them in packs of 8. I can’t recall the last time I purchased one.

I use a Gillette Fusion power razor. I only shave about twice a week, so a cartridge can last about a month and a half or until I feel I am no longer getting a close shave. I buy my cartridges on Amazon. I can get an 8 pack for around $20.

I use the Dollar Shave Club Exec line, swapping out a blade every other week.

I get cheap Gillettes from Costco. I’m not sure how long they could last, but I use them about three times each, sometimes four times, and then start with a new one. So, I go through two a week. They probably cost $0.50 each, so I don’t really see the need to extend their lives.

At least a month. Probably 2. I don’t have much of a beard, so might be less for someone with a lot of facial hair. I just shave in the shower with the soap I use to wash my face.

I probably go longer than I ought - by the time I change I’m finding I really have to scrape and leave hairs. And when I put in the new one, I’m always sorta surprised how easy/effective it is. :smack:

I use a Sensor twin blade. Just used some cheap disposables on vacation - worked just fine.

I too use Dollar Shave Club. I’m very happy with their products and customer service.
I use the 4x line, and switch blades every Sunday.

I shave three times a week, and a disposable lasts me about three months, or maybe 35-40 shaves. I always shave right after I get out of the shower, still wet, so whiskers are easy shaving. I just lather with bar soap. A few years ago, I discovered an old Personna disposable that was lurking in a travel bag. It was so much superior to any other razor I’d ever used, I tried to buy some more, but they had gone out of production. So, online, I found a stock of remainders in a warehouse, and I bought a gross of them, cheap, so I’ll never have to buy a razor again.

I was told that corrosion can significantly limit blade life, so I’ve taken to dipping the blade in denatured alcohol (NB: 100% - not rubbing alcohol) when done shaving. Seems to help.

Months, but I only shave my neck and upper cheeks. I just dry it immediately, shaving in the shower and storing it there is a recipe for frequent replacement. I try to get as much gunk out as possible. When I toss them it’s usually because the gunk won’t come out, not because it’s blunt. I get cheap disposables with 2-3 blades. 1 is definitely inferior but more than 3 is a gimmick IMHO.

You should really throw them out before they get gross.

When I shaved, I used regular Gillette/Schick razorblades. They lasted me about a month; I have a heavy beard and shaved every day.

The razor companies won’t tell you, but once they introduced stainless steel blades, they had a big increase in effective use. The old carbon steel blades only lasted about a week, but stainless were good for far longer. Still, people were used to throwing out their blades after a week, and the blade companies didn’t tell them otherwise, for obvious reasons.

This, only Harry’s and I shave my entire head.

I use Schick Quattro Four blades, and they last forever. But I have a beard, so I’m really only keeping the neckbeard away 2-3 times a week.

I use the cheapest Gillette Good News without slime strips, shave almost every day, and I use a new fresh razor about once a week. They could probably last 2-3 weeks and be functional but I hate to keep stroking and stroking before an area feels clean.

Gillette Mach III for me. I shave every second or third day, so lets say 3 times a week. A blade could last me for months, but really about one month is more comfortable.

I only use double-blade disposables and each one lasts me about a week whether I shave every day or not. My beard hair is pretty thick and susceptible to snagging when the razors get even a little past their prime so I toss it and get a new one.

I used to keep my current one in a little cup of baby oil because it is mainly corrosion between shaves rather than shaving itself that introduces imperfections on the blade but I even quit that because it isn’t worth it. I buy a large bulk pack of disposable razors once a year from a wholesale club once a year for about $13. Combine that with the 4 or 5 dollar store cans of shaving cream and the total yearly cost is still less than $20.

I still don’t understand the gourmet or retro shaving shaving fads. I don’t need three or more expensive blades nor do I need to prove that I can avoid maiming myself with an 1800’s style straight razor. The purpose is to get hair off my face as quickly and cheaply as practical.

Generic disposables and a $1 can of shaving cream do that just as well as anything else for just pennies a day.

Same here, same blades, except I get them from Dorco. I’m pretty sure Dorco is the manufacturer for Dollar Shave Club. I like buying them a bunch at a time rather than setting up an autopay or auto-charge.

I get a week out of them.

I tried Harry’s based on your recommendation in another thread just a few weeks ago. I like the blades and they cost a bit less. The problem is, I really like their shaving gel and aftershave balm, too. Previously, I used Gillette Fusion with an esoteric shaving soap called Lever 2000. So, whatever I’m saving on blades is going to be destroyed by gel and aftershave cost. Obviously, I could go back to shaving with bar soap. I just really love the smell of their shaving products. I’ve never been much of a fragrance guy before and their stuff is mild enough that I’m not broadcasting a strong scent, but damn my face smells good!

To answer the question, I get about 8-10 shaves from a Gillette Fusion blade. I’m still under that with the Harry’s blade but I expect it will be about the same.

I buy cheap disposables and throw them away after 1 use. I could probably reuse them but fuck the environment, I can afford the $0.08.

I’ve tried multiple 3, 4 and 5 blade razors. All they do is rip the hair out of my face. Using a 1 or 2 blade disposable is much cheaper and more effective/painless.

Easily a 1+ months. I shave once a week, gets a little thick towards the end so I go over it twice.

I only use a double edged razor, with regular blades. Got tired of paying $12 for 3 cartridges. After a learning curve, you wouldn’t know the difference. Also use shaving bar soap, which easily lasts me over a year