Ladies: How Long Does a Razor Last You?

It’s only fair, right? Why have one-sided questions since you shave too, though different body parts.


So no replies means all the female dopers do the European unshaved leg look? Whodathunkit.

I really don’t know, I keep one in the shower and one by the bathtub, and just change them out when they look like they need it. It seems like they last a pretty long time…a few weeks.

During swim season, about three weeks, the rest of the year maybe six weeks. Much longer than before menopause, back then I could only get a couple of weeks out of a blade.

1 time, full shave of necessary parts, in the trash. Sensitive skin.

I have no idea. I am not really married to a razor brand or type. Sometimes I get a good shave with a razor, sometimes bad, and I’m not sure if it has to do with the razor or the position of the moon, so sometimes I throw it out because maybe it’s old but sometimes I keep it on because whatever.

The thing about legs is they don’t have to look as good as a face. For most of us, no one is going to get their eyeballs that close to them. As long as a razor is not taking chunks of skin with it, I think we give our razors a little more leeway to suck.

DeepLiquid … why is menopause a factor in how long your razors last? Just curious.

It’s because body hair becomes sparser and less coarse after menopause. At least on the legs. My pit and pubic hair is the same as before, though.

Razors last me forever both because of that and because my body hair has never been very thick. Really, the only things I shave are my pits, my calves, and the edges of my pubic hair. I tried shaving my pubes once and it was horrible, so now I just clip the hair close and shave the edges to neaten them up.

I use a Venus and I can’t even remember the last time I had to change the blade.

As funky little lee said, our body hair becomes more sparse after menopause. Unlike her I have gotten sparse everywhere except my head, and the hair there is much less “lush” than it used to be.

It was a welcome change as I come from hirsute folk! :smiley:

I am a brunette with fairly thick hair. During the summer I changed blades at least once a week. During the winter, maybe every other week.

I joined Dollar Shave Club, so now I get 4 blades/month and change out every week, no matter the season.

I only shave my armpits and them only when I notice a good amount of hair, so months and months. I use a Venus multi-blade razor.