How many shaves do you get of your disposable razor?

I use a disposable that has a blue strip on the head. When the strip fades your supposed to replace it. I found that the strip usually lasts about 10 shaves before it’s noticeably faded, but I can get at least another 10 shaves out of it before I notice any difference in the quality of shave. Is this just me or do others find the same true? Or is the opposite true for some? Does your hair thickness or density play into the results? For the record I am of average hairiness.

Wow ship me some. I use my disposable Schick Twin Blade Disposable Razors about 3 or 4 times on average. After that you get the no shave experience - you drag it over your face but all the hair remains.

don’t ask are you particularly hairy? above average, average, etc. I’m wondering if there is a correlation between hair thickness and density per square inch and the durablity of the razor, or is just a way of getting people to buy more razors. For the record I use a Gilette Fusion, which has four blades, and costs considerably more than the two blade variety, so it would stand to reason that would last longer.

I use a 2-blade razor and probably go about 3 weeks, so 20+ uses, between changing blades. The difference going to a new blade is very noticeable.

I go about two months. My facial hair is somewhat sparse compared to most other guys. I also don’t shave every day.

I use a Schick Quattro and have thick hair that needs daily shaving. I generally get about 2 months or so from a blade.

And typically I use a two-blade Gillette.

I use a three-bladed Gillette MACH3 Turbo.

Strangely enough, they just changed the wear strip colour from blue to green. I notice the green strip fades more quickly.

I typically get about 3 or 4 weeks from a blade, but that’s shaving every second day. So, I probably get about 15 to 20 shaves per blade.

I use a 2-blader and replace it couple of months. I shave 5-6 times a week (often skip on the weekend) and only do half my face (got a goatee.) I am amazed at the difference when I do replace the blade and vow to replace more often, then forget.

My disposables last pretty much forever. I have a full beard, so just shaving the cheeks and neck cuts down on buying replacements.

I use those yellow & white BIC Sensitive disposables, and I usually use them for a work-week- 4 good shaves, and one ok one on Friday, then into the trash.

People who use them more than about 6-7 times are just used to dull blades and probably have bad technique.

The test is whether the new blades give better, less irritating shaves than the old duller blades. If yes, then you have good technique or particularly soft hair. If no, the new blades chew your face up, then you’re doing something wrong.

I’ve got one of those 5-bladed Gillette Proglide ones that are all-new with a lubristrip bla bla bla. I’m not on commission, but I will say that not only is it the easiest shave I’ve ever had (takes about 30 seconds), it gives the smoothest results, and so far I’ve used the same blade head every day, including weekends, for two weeks with absolutely no sign of diminished performance. It’s a serious improvement on the Gilette Fusion I had before.

Most of these responses so far suggest a fair bit of usage before replacement. Do you find your usage is within the suggested range on the box? Or do you get more use out of the razor than recommended?

I have pretty sparse facial hair so I’m a Monday - Thursday sometimes Saturday shaver. I use the Gillette Fusion and I get about 6-8 weeks to a blade.

I have no idea if my technique is good or not but generally I shave the whole face first time with the grain then against the grain for everything but the lip, then side to side on the neck. This gets me baby smooth for a day and then no noticeable stubble for 2 days. I get a little razor burn at the bottom of my neck and the occasional ingrown hair.

Same here, and I didn’t notice the strip thing until you mentioned it … I think it’s on purpose. The blue strip fade seemed to coincide with my need to replace the blade (every 2 weeks of once-a-day except weekends shaving). I think the green one does fade faster (ie after 7 or 8 shaves). Tricky bastards.

Probably about 10-12 shaves out of a disposable name-brand twin razor. The last couple of which are usually quite lousy.

I get about 14 shaves out of a Fusion cartridge before it tugs too much to be comfortable.

I use the Gillette Fusion five-blader.

Most months I get 31 shaves, a few I get just 30.

Three out of four Februarys I get just 28.

If I’m remembering right, Clark Howard this week on CNN said those disposables last him about a year each, & the key is to dry it after each use. I only have to shave my neck & cheeks, & mine seem to last indefinitely.
I’ve made the mistake a coupla times when travelling & forgetting a razor to buy a whole big bag of 'em 'cause they’re so cheap, seems like a better deal than just buying one, etc.
At the rate I go through 'em my supply’ll long outlive me. :smack:

Forgot to mention that this is only a goatee shave, so only half a face really.