RCC reneges on Boston settlement - anybody surprised?

BBC story here

Local Finance Council pleads poverty - anybody buy that?

Not a peep from Rome (I’m shocked!)

Anyway, legal types - does this constitute bad-faith negotiation?

Are “For Sale” signs going to start appearing on churches?

Churches? The RCC own’s a lot more than churches.
Of course you may be right. Churches could be the first on the auction block.

Anyone “surprised” at the author of the OP?

Is the OP addressing the RCC as a whole (as his thread title suggests) or the actions of one archdiocesan financial council?

I wouldn’t expect Rome to comment on the specifics of a financial/legal settlement of an individual diocese. Does the OP really expect that Rome would do this?

Well if this settlement really does fall into the 20-30 million dollar range , AND there are other cases that will be coming forward…then yeah maybe it might be tough to cover them all. That’s not the same as claiming poverty, as the OP (big surprise) claimed that the council did.

IANAL, so have no opinion on whatever “bad faith negotitations” may or may not be occuring here.

The last line of the OP speaks for itself.

This pony needs hay. :wink:

we’ll put that down as a ‘not surprised’…

Rome COULD have offered sympathy to the victems, who will now need to go through a trial. (cash would have also been nice).

and, if a mod/admin would like to change ‘RCC’ to ‘Boston Archdiocese’, I would not mind.

Just curious - if the Cardinal cannot speak for the Council, and the Council does not speak for the Church, just where DOES responsibility reside?

I do have a couple of books that discuss the wealth of the Vatican, but in attempting to locate something on the net concerning this, I found this Link which echoed some information I came across. If that is fairly accurate 20M-30M is a drop in the bucket for the Boston group.

I’d keep a close eye on the transferring of assets if I were in the prosecutor’s office.

Well, that link came from one of Jack Chick’s books, and Chick isn’t the most accurate writer when it comes to discussing Catholicism. I know one of the RCC’s major problem, financially, is that most of their assets aren’t liquid or easily liquable.

(“Well, I guess we could sell that 1000 year old fresco” or “Well, I guess we could shut down and liquidate the homeless shelter.”)

Oh, I don’t know. I imagine the Vatican would fetch a pretty penny. :wink:

I don’t suppose the Finance Council would care to open the books?