Re: Coca-Cola no longer made with sugar

Hey Cecil, thanks for putting my mind at rest; I thought I may have been going insane. I have lived in Canada my whole life, and always been an avid Coke drinker. Living close to the US border much of that time, I have experienced both ‘varieties’ of Coke, both the one made with sugar (Canada) and the one made with ‘high fructose corn syrup’ (USA). I first noticed it when eating at a McDonald’s; the Coke didn’t taste right. I just figured it was the fact that it was a fountain drink, but one day about a year ago I bought a bottle of Coke in the US and it too tasted wrong somehow; like it was full of chemicals or something. I asked some of my American friends to try Canadian coke when they were on my side of the fence, but they all thought I was crazy. Thank you for making me realize my insanity is at least not due to a Coke related delusion…

I forgot to mention which article I was talking about… it’s at:

No, you are wrong–you are going insane.

It’s all that Canadian coke.

yeah, Yukon flake’ll do that to you

this is your brain
this is your brain on Canadian drugs
with a bobble ski hat


I’d just like to say I very much approve of your Coke fondness.

—Schnitte, who bought Coca-Cola shares recently :wink:

Once each year it is easy to get sugar coke in reasonably large cities in the US. During the weeks leading up to the Jewish holiday of Passover. Many (most?) Jews avoid eating corn-based products and many softdrink manufacturers accomidate with limited production runs based on sugar.

Believe me, it is one of the few redeeming things about the dietary restrictions during Passover. That and chocolate.