Re: Down’s Syndrome strength

I worked with Down’s Syndrome kids (under the age of 18) and young adults (under the age of 21). Both supervision and side-by-side. I lived on-site with Down’s Syndrome kids and young adults, before they were de-institutionalized. I continue to be involved with an autistic person.

I was reading the thread with mild interest, in spite of the insulting impugnations cast by the other thread responders, who evidently couldn’t handle the idea of asking questions as a means of gathering information, and (in a very American way) would probably reject the idea of grouping people under a category like “Down’s Syndrome”

I thought that the requests, by the original poster, for clarification, were completely reasonable requests for clarification, such as might be made in any GC thread.

So although I don’t object to the closing of the thread, which was being dominated by asshole responses, I’m particularly pissed off that the OP has been blamed, and that (implicitly) discussion of Down’s Syndrome is off-limits for GC.

“Down’s Syndrome” kids are a popular target for feel-good charity because the’re mostly co-operative and easily pleased (not like some other groups). But they are also isolated and disparaged and shoved out of sight because they have a syndrome that includes poor voice control and poor muscle tone. I’ve seen people I know criticized in public for those reasons.

I was happy to see a question about “Down’s Syndrome”, contemptuous of those who tried to shut it out, and saddened that the SDMB sided with those assholes.

Colibri said he closed the thread because the OP was refusing to listen to anything anyone else was saying. They just kept asking the same question and over. The answers to that question had already been given: people with Down’s Syndrome tend to have lower muscle tone, but they process pain differently (experiencing it less strongly), and so may sometimes come off stronger than you’d expect due to lack of inhibition.

I’m not sure why you interpret that as saying people can’t discuss Down’s Syndrome in GQ.

Yes, Colibri said that. In case you missed it, here’s what @Melbourne said:

Because the thread discussing “Down’s Syndrome” was closed. I’m not sure why you interpret that differently than I do.

The OP wasn’t asking a question-The OP was pushing an agenda and ignoring responses that didn’t align with his agenda. I don’t think it was a GQ type of thread at all.

Perhaps because I explained why the thread was closed, and it had nothing to do with the fact that it was about Down Syndrome. As I explained, I closed it because the OP was asking the same questions over and over again and not responding to responses. He was not looking for information, he was trying to push his own idea.

If you or anyone else wants to open a new thread on Down Syndrome you are perfectly welcome to. Just because one thread was closed doesn’t mean a subject is off limits.

The thread was also closed on the basis of the OP’s other behavior as well. He has opened a number of other threads with almost no content. Several of his other threads have been closed because of this.

I didn’t see anyone who was critical of or ridiculing people with Down Syndrome. Most people were criticizing the OP’s premise and logic, and jumping to conclusions on the basis of a few videos.

That’s not supported by a reading of the OP’s posts in that thread. This would be an opportunity for you to point out that the OP has form, or that the OP knew that posting on this subject would be treated with outrage on this forumn.

I’m sorry, that’s not true. The OP asked for clarification, in response to posts.


The fact that you have made that assertion suggests that you came to the thread with pre-existing ideas about the poster or about appropriate content. This would be an opportunity to explain why, in this case, responding to comments means “not responding to comments”, and “asking for clarification” means “not looking for information”…

… and here it is:

Perhaps this explains the misbehavior of the other posters in the thread that I referred to above? Are they following the OP around like kids in a school yard, looking for opportunities to shut him down?

This is an Op I had to suspend today for starting empty threads. He has been here a very short time. Started 9 threads and pretty much only posted in those threads.

Most of them are among the worst Ops I’ve seen on this board.

He keeps creating tiny garbage threads for some reason. Did 2 Down Syndrome ones. Ignored other users and is generally a problem poster so far.

9 topics created, no posts in other threads.

Here are all the threads:

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Sorry, Melbourne, if you don’t believe the reasons I gave there is not much point of arguing the issue with you.

If you want to talk about Down Syndrome, then open a new thread.

That is blatantly false. Here is the original question:

“Do people with Down’s syndrome have incredible strength? because a person you know almost had his wrist turned over by a child with Down’s syndrome only 8 years old”

The answer given was basically “no”, though there are always exceptions of course, with some people being more athletic than others, as is the case for anyone.

The second post was asking how to explain a video showing someone with Down Syndrome lifting weights, which doesn’t contradict the previous explanations (which conceded that someone with Down Syndrome may be exceptionally strong). That wasn’t asking for clarification, because it had already been addressed. It was an argument against the answers.

The next post could be seen as a request for clarification, “Does this mean that people with intellectual disabilities such as Down’s syndrome and severe autism have no limits?” That was in response to people who stated that muscles have the ability to perform more than we ask of them. I will concede that.

But then the next post is just repeating the OP, “why do some people say that people with Down’s syndrome are very strong even though they have weak weak muscle tone?” This is not a legitimate request for clarification, this is clearly being argumentative. And the next post is just repeating it yet again, “my question is: can you have strength even if you have low muscle tone like people with Down’s syndrome?” The next two posts are just more videos showing an athlete with Down Syndrome.

So no, they were not requests for clarification. Maybe one post out of the 6 follow-up posts might be seen as such. Other than that it was just an argument. Clearly they weren’t in GQ to learn the answer to a question, the question was rhetorical and they were there to prove that people with Down Syndrome clearly have greater strength than those who don’t. That is not what GQ is for, and even if this was in a place like GD the way the argument was made (just keep repeating the same thing over and over) would probably not be acceptable. I can’t see how you can defend this behavior in good faith.

It can be reviewed. I just did.

I see no response to posts by the op asking for clarification, and only repetition of the same question despite getting the clear GQ appropriate response that no, Down Syndrome individuals do not have unusually great strength.

Response? What about this video? How about this one? Why do people say it? So on.

What do you see that was otherwise?

Just to be clear - the GQ answer to the op is very clear and easily confirmed with a simple search for articles.

The op just wasn’t interested in the answer.

Y’know, folks, I kinda got the feeling that this OP himself may be a Down’s Syndrome person, who is trying to get some information or maybe just get some engagement as best he can, and the Good People of this board (mods included) are just cruelly pushing him away because we just don’t deal with that here on this board.

Just my impression of what might be the situation here.

I briefly had a similar thought.

But even if so, he’d still need to be able to play more or less by our rules. Even if he’d always need training wheels and need to be handled with kid gloves by the rest of us.

We have some “slow” and and also some less educated folks here quite successfully. Just as we have some uncivil folks who ought to be able to know better. But there is a lower limit, and the early returns are Red just wasn’t tall enough to ride this ride.

We aren’t privy to any PMs that may be going back and forth between mods & Red to explore this possibility.

I read the thread in question. Agree with the analysis provided by @Atamasama and @DSeid. Agree with the mods; disagree with the OP of this thread.

There have been multiple people with (self-admitted) mental problems who have been banned since I’ve been here. It isn’t a get out of jail free card for bad behavior.

A nurse told me that people with Down’s syndrome were very strong, I thought so at first and then when I learned about this disease I saw that people with Down’s syndrome had muscular hypotonia?
that’s why i would like to be told why he said that and tell me if he’s right or not?

You got your answer multiple times.

You’ll have to ask him why he told you something clearly incorrect. We cannot know that.

What posters here did was give you the correct answer. Multiple times. Despite videos and some people saying the condition is associated with significantly less strength than typical sedentary individuals.