Re: Ear candling

Rule 34. It took a lot of therapy but I can now enjoy Calvin and Hobbes again.

Because the ear drops don’t cleanse your chi and draw all the toxins from throughout your skull and give you a sense of oneness with the universe. They just, you know, clean your ears.

What I observe in all of those pictures? Every one of those people have devised some sort of shield to prevent wax from dripping down the candle exterior into the ear. One uses alumium foil, one a paper plate, one a hand towel. Sure puts the lie to “wax never drips down an ear candle”.

I’m shocked that momsaid posted an untruth. Shocked, I tell you.

Techincally… aren’t they trying to *rekindle *older conventions and practices? teehee.

Hah? What’s that?

That highlights the sole value of ear candling - as an I.Q. test. If you practice it, you’re too stupid to make health decisions.

They did know more…about how to die prematurely.

Musicat’s list is a good one. I’d add one crucial pillar of woo:

They Don’t Want You To Know (about fabulous cheap, safe, effective cures for disease). You see, They and Their loved ones never get sick, or else They’re going to Secret Clinics for cures not available to the rest of us, or They are suicidal sociopaths who don’t care whether They and their families die, as long as They’re raking in that filthy lucre.*

*I don’t know how much your family doctor charges for having a staffer irrigate your ears during an office visit to clean out wax, but it can’t be a whole lot more expensive than ear candling, when you figure in the latter procedure’s ineffectiveness plus the cost of treating occasional burns and maybe buying a hearing aid to compensate for eardrum damage from melted wax.