Re-grout of shower almost complete, caulk?

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for the advice given before about re-grouting my shower. Today I applied the last grout to the floor and the grouting is done! It came out fantastic, better than I had hoped. The grout lines are nice and even. I learned a lot and when I re-grout the other shower it should come out even better. Amazing how much knowledge you can get by just doing.

Now, I am going to let the grout dry for 24 to 36 hours before I continue. My question is: I am planning to seal the grout using a spray sealer. Should I caulk prior to sealing the grout or after? I worry that if I do it prior, the caulk won’t stick will because of the sealer. The spray makes it easy to apply to only the grout lines, but some overspray will happen. If I do it after I am wondering if the sealer is bad for the caulk. Or perhaps it just doesn’t matter. Any advice would be appreciated!

101 views and three hours, but no answer? Come on guys you can’t let me down on this one.

Is there any indication on the sealer?

Nothing that mentions the caulk. I am thinking of doing the caulk fist and then the sealant. I can’t imagine that the sealant would hurt the caulk.

Could you just put down a little painter’s tape or something where the caulk will be, then spray, if you are that concerned.

I think you’d be fine either way. Caulking adheres to most surfaces very well, I’d have little concern with it not holding on top of the sealer.

I haven’t done a lot of bathrooms, caulking tends the be the very last step and I hand it off the the painters because they are better at it.

Yeah, from what I have seen the painters are pretty good at it. I had no problems doing the grout, but I have my reservations at doing a good job on a caulk line. Everyone say’s that it’s easy, but I have seen so many terrible caulk jobs, so it can’t be that easy.

Caulk is pretty easy just use a small bead and wipe most of it off in one smooth motion. Bad caulk jobs are from people treating it like cake frosting rather than filler. I would seal the grout a couple of times and then caulk, but really only because I always caulk last. I have never heard of the sealer interfering with caulk but I don’t have a cite or anything.

FWIW, I recently had a new tile floor put down in a kitchen. The tile installer told me to wait about a week before sealing the grout. Something about it being fully cured. I would go ahead and caulk, then apply the sealer. I tend to think that it really makes no difference.