Re: Indian sterilization

The fact is that we honestly don’t know the Indian numbers. During the seventies, a lot of whites became wannabe Indians, known to Indians as “twinkies.” The issue got even worse. Do the names Harley Swiftdeer, Wallace Black Elk, Lynn Andrews, Ruth Beebe Hill, Sun Bear, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and Robert Ghostwolf sound familiar to you? They’re all frauds, and only two of them are actually Inidan.

I’ve had ppl ask me, “Could you teach me the Lakota way?” because they’re of alleged NDN descent. I immediatey ask what nation. Cherokee. Invariably. No offense to REAL Cherokees, but now I think Adam and Eve were Cherokee, everyone else is.

So therefore the forced sterilization of NDN women in such numbers is highly possible, because these wannabes think they are Indian. Also, we’re only talking about NDN women going to the IHS, which means reservation women. In the 50s, a lot of reservations were terminated.

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Were 40% of Native American women forcibly sterilized in the 1970s? (22-Mar-2002)

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