Re J. Lynch's anal rape - Author claims medical evidence - Her Iraqi Docs say BS

How diagnostically, can you tell that someone was anally raped from evidence eight days after the fact? I ask because the Iraqi docs in charge of her are saying this claim is nonsense.

Medical checks reveal Lynch’s rape hell

Tearing and scar tissue from an anal rape is absolutely visible to an exam weeks after the event.

There are plenty of people that have been prosecuted with such evidence.

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I forgot to put in the link for the Iraqi doctor’s statements


First couple lines of article.

A paragraph down.

Now IIRC, it was a doctor who saved her and protected her. She blacked out from crash to wake up, so who is saying she was raped? This cinematic author I’m sure has movie rights…this looks like a massive distortion from the truth. I watched J.LYNCH speak to Diane Sawyer in an exclusive and I can not recall this being mentioned or eluded to.

So far, in combat with Iraqi forces, there have been three American women taken alive as prisoners of war.

It is an indisputed fact that two of these women were sexually assaulted by Iraqi soldiers.

Why is it such a stretch to believe that the third one was as well?

I wasn’t able to find any cite of the other rapes of American soldiers with a couple cursory Google News searches, Mr. Moto. Can you provide one?

I wasn’t able to find any cite of the other rapes of American soldiers with a couple cursory Google News searches, Mr. Moto. Can you provide one?

I know that there were sexual abuses, not rapes per se. I recently saw an interview with one of the women taken prisoner in the Gulf War, and she was fondled. I don’t recall rape though.

That is not the question being asked. The question is not “could it have happened?” but “did it, in fact, happen?”

A few tidbits:

Do we know that the injuries definately occurred before the alleged rape? Could she have been raped first and then beaten to the point of broken bones?

They asked “who would do this to someone with multiple injuries?” Well, maybe they didn’t.

Or for that matter, been raped by an American GI some time before the crash? Or just had some crazy rough sex?

An ugly case altogether.

I can’t find three American women taken alive as Iraqi POWs. I can only find Jessica Lynch and Shoshana Johnson. Lori Piestewa was killed in the same action that saw Lynch and Johnson captured. Is there another woman?

Well, unless Google and I are missing something really huge here, it is not an “undisputed fact”, since Lynch’s rape appears to be in question, and I can’t find anything that suggests that Johnson was raped.

So, cite?

Because…the first two may not have been?

Maybe you’ve got the wrong war? Rhonda Cornum suffered “sexual indecencies” while she was a prisoner during the Gulf War. But Melissa Rathbun-Nealysays she was well-treated during her captivity.

That was undoubtedly Col. Rhonda Cornum, a flight surgeon who suffered two broken arms after her helocopter was shot down, then got kissed and had her breasts fondled by an Iraqi soldier during transfer. She’s relatively dismissive of the incident, saying “I just was amazed that he would want to do that … That was my first thought really. Just amazed. And that was really my biggest concern. I mean, a lot of people make a big deal about getting molested, and I’m … sure it’s a … it’s a big deal. …But in the heirarchy of things that were going wrong, that was pretty low on my list.” That interview is here.

If you examine a list of Gulf War I POWs, you will only find one other female POW. That was Melissa Rathburn-Nealy (now Coleman), who says that she was not sexually abused.

From Dubya Dubya II, I believe the only other female POW was Spc. Shoshana Johnson, captured in the same attack as Lynch. As far as I can determine, she has never reported any sexual abuse from her captivity.

There you have it: One woman with fondled breasts, and two with no sexual abuse at all. So much for Mr. Moto’s “undisputed fact.” More like “unsupported nonsense.”
As for Lynch, the evidence of rape is very weak, and is directly contradicted by the attending physicians. In the absence of additional evidence, I believe Ms. Lynch and her co-author are mistaken in their conclusion.

And if we’re talking about what was ‘likely’ to have happened…

why would a male rapist choose anal rape over vaginal rape of a female victim?

Because it inflicts more pain and is seen as more humiliating? Maybe his only purpose wasn’t to get off.

The injuries were from the Humvee crash, not from beating. I am not aware that there is any dispute over that point. Hence, if she was raped before the injuries, she was raped by a fellow soldier. Which, I suppose, is possible, but hardly likely.

Thanks Gorsnak. Let me clarify that the scenario I was postulating was one in which she might have been captured, raped and beaten to the point of amnesia by the Iraquis, not by her fellow troops just prior to, or as they travelled into, combat. God, that’s a disturbing thought I hadn’t even considered and, probably like most, doubt that she’d ever be able to forget.

I don’t personally have or know anyone with experience in these matters but from what I understand sometimes there can be some memory recall years or longer after the fact. Maybe someday that’ll clear up some questions although, for Jessica’s sake, I’m not so sure that we’d like to see that happen.

Just seems like she is still being used to me, first as a propaganda device and now sensationalism to sell a book.

It seems she does not say she was raped and it was some creative writing on the part of the writer who has a history of that too.