Re Navratilova's ex-lover threatening her, if overt blackmail is public is it legal?

Re this Page Six storyI can’t see how this threat by her ex-lover is anything other than fairly overt blackmail. Is this actually legal?


I got nuttin’. But I’d like to hear some of the Dope’s legal experts comments.

It just looks like hardball negotiations to me, not anything illegal.

So long as the information is true, and there is not a legal obligation to keep it confidential, why can’t she publish it?

If Martina doesn’t want it published, she can pay her an agreed sum and sign an agreement that Toni will keep the information confidential.

Though using it as a bargaining chip does look totally low-rent.

AIUI, “extortion” applies only if they’re using threats to coerce or induce you to engage in or go along with something illegal or contrary to duty or to refrain from or omit something that should be done or included. Not if all will happen is that you will be shamed, specially if you’re a public figure. Your one consolation is that your harasser will be seen by public opinion (even as that same public eagerly gobbles up you scandal :rolleyes: ) as a rat and a sleaze for playing that card.