Re: Russia and conflict

Have you found of the people on the internet who say how the “U.S. and NATO would roll over Russia”…they tend to be younger. And scoff at the idea of nuclear war. Spouting off such drivel as “We’ve never come close, there’s no way a conflict with Russia would go nuclear”.

I see two reasons for this:

  1. Drunk off the idea that Russia is Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq.

  2. Grew up in an era where they and their classmates didn’t have daily discussions of where their city was on a nuclear priority chart. Didn’t have weekly discussions of what year they think the world would end. Weren’t chilled to the bone watching The Day After or Failsafe. And certainly weren’t old enough to remember The Cuban Missile Crisis.

Hopefully those in power remember. The entire point of MAD policy is you have to believe in it.

  1. Never faced the Russians in a cold winter near Stalingrad.

I wonder if the world would jump in in Texas decided to try and leave the Union.

I don’t particularly care if those in power remember; BUT, I am horrified to think that they believe what they are saying, and that they have any right to interfere further.

Well, I lived through the cold war and I firmly believe there is no way in hell ANY world leader would hit that red nuclear button for any reason other than someone else hit theirs first. Because by doing so, you’ve effectively committed suicide or changed your life so dramatically it’s almost not worth living.

I’m sure that fact is not lost on any world leader who has a nuclear armament at their disposal.

And how do battlefield nukes figure into this?

You said “Scoff at the idea of nuclear war” in your OP which led me to believe you were talking about strategic nuclear weapons.

Tactical nukes? I’m not sure how those are any worse than chemical warfare or regular bombs. I mean killing is killing right?

And I hope you don’t take me for someone who has an apathetic attitude towards war, I think it’s abhorrent, I’m just trying to illustrate the point that all out nuclear war is oceans apart from anything going on in Russia right now.