Re: Sour Cream Going Bad?

I could have sworn there was a Cecil Adams column about how do you know sour cream had gone bad. Anyway, this is all I could find but it’s much the same thing.

My question is, I know when sour cream has gone bad. I want to know when blue cheese goes bad.

Think about it. Blue cheese is already smelly and moldy. And it has that bluish green mold on it. Penicillium I think it’s called. That is how I know my sour cream has turned. Blue cheese already has it. Think about it.


Blue cheese is basically white/creamy coloured cheese with splotches/ patches of blue/ green.
When it goes bad, it becomes covered in a uniform layer of mold which to me seems a slightly lighter blue than the “good” blue.
I usually peel a layer of cheese off with a knife an consume the rest.
It also tastes slightly different, more like “regular” cheese mold.
(We have all had cheese with missed mold on at some point, right??)