Reactions to the Pictures

I’ve noticed a trend in the responses to the pictures of the men. It seems to be as follows:

Men: “My what an ugly bunch we are. We look like the Elephant Man with a skin disease. Lovecraft could have gotten a trilogy of novels from each individual picture.”

Ladies: “The men are all wonderful hunks. They are Greek Gods to the man. Our collective response can best be described with Slug’s picture to last weeks column.”

Let me be the first to break this trend.


:: reads from script prepared for him by Esprix ::

My - what - a - bunch - of - strong - virile - men. Boy, - I’d - sure - like - to…


:: eyes widen in horror ::


With a melon??

Never mind.


This is too good to sink to the bottom. LOL!

I got a laugh out of it.

If I’d known women were that easily impressed I’d have paid more attention when they were giving fashion lessons in high school. They only things I remember are that socks should match, if possible, and to tuck in your whole shirt, not just the front.

pluto – clearly a 10!

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: I was starting to think I shouldn’t post before my morning coffee.

think this posting of a pics collection is cool beans. Most people currently here don’t really know about Opal’s TM pages yet, and some of the photo shots are ah…interesting to say the least.

I now have Coldfire “wallpaper” on my computer.

No, no, dear, you didn’t read that right - it’s “With Mel on,” as in Mel Gibson.

So now I have to help the straight male Dopers with their self-image issues? {SIGH} My work is never done…

Repeat after me: I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me! :smiley:


Now, Trion, do you really want an honest response? And how do you judge it if you get one? Everyone’s tastes are different (a few ladies named men they think are good-looking that I didn’t, and I bet a few of my reactions would get jeered at).

So once again, let’s all say it together “Everyone is beautiful, in their own way”.

And no, I don’t really believe that tripe.

Beauty is only skin deep. You don’t even want to see all of the gross stuff underneath it.

What I would like to know from you Trion is what did you think of the caption I put under your pic?

I think that pricciar and chief were slightly concerned about their caption, but hopefully they know it was all in fun.

Sides some of those captions are way out there and so absurd!

B_Lines picture was a fun one to think up :slight_smile:

Sou Na - I don’t want an honest opinion. I want people to lie and tell me I’m sexy and handsome. I was just struck by the different reactions. Check out pluto and Coldfire on page 2 of the SDMB MEN!!! thread to see what I was talking about.

techchick68 - I laughed out loud at my caption. And so did Mrs. Trion.

Sweet mother of God… I don’t know if I should be frightened or flattered :smiley:

I was very offended.
Very Very offended.

Just because I drive a truck and wear a dress, that doesn’t make me a cross dressing truck driver.

Oh. Wait a minute. Never mind.
Carry on Carry on.


Oh fer cryin’ out loud.

You guys are STUDS. You’re HOT. You’re STEAMING slabs of male flesh, and we all want you, very badly.

Now DEAL WITH IT, okay? Just look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself “The women of the SDMB think I’m a hot babe! Woohoo!” Then go to work happy, be productive, impress your boss, get a raise, and buy us gifts.

Geez! Gotta tell you guys how to do EVERYTHING!


trion said

And I was struck by the silence and the crickets chirping.

The gals don’t seem to realize that when the guys see them write “oooh, look at all the hot men,” the guys instantly think, “they’re talking about everyone else.”

I still thought it was cool to put some faces with names. And I eagerly await the finished female product.

Stroke that male ego girls!!!
No…not that male ego… geez some people just have their mind in the gutters… ::sigh::

So THAT is why I have a tough time finding dates on the weekend. I shall whistle while I pack my bags for the nearest location with a large population of SD women.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
So, where am I going and who is going to pick me up at the bus station?

Milossarian, my thoughts exactly.

This does not me good. Now, the fact that most of the gay men (right, guys? :)) think I’m a hot stud, and even some of the straight boys here have said they’d either switch for me or would go after me if they did… that gets me going in the morning. :wink: