Reactions to the Russian takeover in Crimea...

…has China had anything to say on the subject?

I haven’t noticed anything, personally. And I’m far too lazy to do a google search on my own initiative. Hell, it’s taken more than a month since the inception of the crisis for me to even ask about it here (note to the industrious Dopers out there: I’m very disappointed in you :p).

So, what have I missed?

The short answer is that they are in a peculiar bind on Crimea. They don’t want to support the West, but by supporting Russia that may lead to a call for independence in Taiwan or Tibet, which is something they certainly don’t want. Here’s a good article in the NY Times that sums it up nicely…

China – On March 2, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Qin Gang stated that China condemned the recent extremist violence in the country and urged all parties to resolve their internal disputes peacefully. China has always followed the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, and respected Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. He urged all sides to find a solution through dialogue on the basis of international law and the norms governing international relations.[38]

On March 4, China's president Xi Jinping, in a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, expressed his confidence in Putin's ability to reach a political solution through negotiations with all involved parties. He stated that China supports the propositions and mediation efforts of the international community towards easing the situation.[39]