Read Any Interesting Animal Stories Lately?

A woman beat a dog breeder with a dead Chihuahua as she went balistic.

Article on animals back from extintion.
"1933 German scientists “recreated” the Tarpan (or Przewalksi’s) horse, a prehistoric European species that had died out in the late 19th century.

I have to wonder if anymore exploding frogs show up in Germany this year. A pond had frogs that swelled with gases and blew apart last year.

Woman with a live frog in her salad will NOT be suing Burger King.

The standoff ended peacefully when Carmichael agreed to hand over a dozen chickens, a crate of eggs and photocopies of some of his files. How can you not read this one?

A hamster went through a shreeder and came out alive.

Any other people have some good story links?

I read about a guy who bred a bulldog with a shitzu. I can’t remember what they called the hybrid, but the article was fascinating. Wish I had a link.

Bear vs. cat. Cat wins!

That was good.

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