Readers & Radio Listeners

Inspired by the radio thread. Looking forward to hearing everybody’s take on this.

I love Old Time Radio…and I listen to current radio news when I’m driving…but I couldn’t really say I’m “avid.” I do a lot of channel-hopping.

Reading? I am a heart-and-soul, dedicated, religious, addictive, “books are my life” reader!

What radio are we talking about?

Talk radio hell no. Music radio yes please although again it depends on what’s there. So it depends on what’s available where I am.

These days I read more than I listen to the radio, but that’s because my office is in a radio-dead point, I don’t like streaming at work (if I’m the one doing it, how can I tell my users with a straight face that they shouldn’t?), and I can read. If you count reading work-related materials, I’m even getting paid to read!

Oh yes. I listen to far more radio than watch TV.

BBC 5 live and Radio 4 are my constant companion. News, sport, comedy and documentary.

There is nothing better…IN THE WORLD…than test match special. 5 days of dawn to dusk cricket and occasionally a results happens!

I like doing both but not at the same time. There are times that I like just listening to the radio the whole day and vice versa.

Sure, I do both but not everyday. How do you define “avid”?

Both. Radio? NPR, local college station, occasionally foreign stations via the web, and for long car trips, podcasts (Radiolab, Sound Opinions, etc.) saved on an SD chip – some of which were never on any radio station.

Reading? Mainly non-fiction (about half of which is more or less related to my profession), but I try to keep a few fiction books going at all times. Classics, 20th century stuff, new stuff – I try to mix it up. Wish I read more, and spent less time on places like the Dope.

Both, I’d say avid.
NPR all day at work (my trade is not exactly mentally stimulating; I’d go insane without it) and I always have at least one book going and plenty in the queue. Plus I leave the stereo on the classical station at low volume at home pretty much 24/7. I don’t have a TV so that’s my “background noise.”

I read every day, mostly fiction. I listen to podcasts whenever I drive, almost daily. Most of the podcasts are radio shows.

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