Reading Directions

Can anyone tell me why somone would spend a couple of hundred dollars on a phone then not read directions on how to use it? Everyday I have some dumbass come in to the store I work at or call with a dumbass question. Almost everytime it is something that I read to them out of the manual they were given with the phone. It’s called customer service not customer service for people who are lazy and do not read about the peice of equipment you just spend $200 on. These people waste my time and every other person who comes to me for an actual problem. I am so sick of stupid people. We need to have some type of IQ test for people.

Hi, Mom!
I was gonna call, but, I lost my instruction book and the girl at the phone store was really having an attitude fit.

Remember: Licquor is your friend.

Hmmmmmmmmm, I never even pulled the little tape off of my instruction book, and I managed to figure out how to use it well enough.

However, in defense of the “stupid” people coming to you for aide…I’ve read a few of those so-called “instruction” books.

Some of them are pretty darn crappy. That could be why. But not knowing what type of phones you have, (cell? or regular? what brands??), there’s no telling.

Because they paid a couple of hundred dollars for it and they can just call you instead of having to read the manual.

Next time just send them to here.

Speaking for myself (and possibly other), thanks for reading me the part of the instructions that I needed. Even if you are getting paid to do it.

Interesting topic.

I actually did read the instructions that came with our mega-bucks high-tech multi-gigahertz Panasonic cordless phone with speaker in both the base and handset and every imaginable feature.

But there was one part I simply didn’t believe. I didn’t believe that part that said it was important to leave the handset off the base until it was COMPLETELY discharged.

Instead, I kept putting the handset back on the base whenever I was finished using it.

The result?

The damn battery won’t hold a charge for more than two seconds, and a replacement battery costs almost as much as a replacement phone.

It’s now worthless.