Reading Dopers: anyone doing the book challenges floating around?

Every January book bloggers issue various reading challenges for fun. Have you seen some that look good? Are you joining any?

I’m doing the Tournament of Reading and 52 books in 52 weeks.

I probably should, I’m just real bad at keeping track of them. I tend to load a bunch of books on my ebook reader and just plow through them. Last year I had to adjust my numbers because I read some insanely large books. Usually you dividthe the pages of the book by 300 to decide how many books it counts as.

I find the challenges are good for making me aware of how much I read. I’d never even thought about it before.

I’m on goodreads and librarything participated in LT’s challenge last year. I should sign up for another. So, yes. :slight_smile:

I start with good intentions but end up reading anything I feel like. Last year’s challenge was to read one book from every year, starting in the 1830’s. I knew I couldn’t read 180 books in a year, but I went to Wiki to find the books, made a list, printed it, set it aside and forgot about it. :slight_smile:

This year I’m gonna just continue my personal challenge to read (or at least try) all the books in my impulse closet, and a few more classics.