Real Agony

Had part one of a root canal done today, the part where they remove the nerve. It went well.

The novocaine started to wear off about and hour ago. I think the dentist missed a piece of the nerve. I can feel it in there, dying.

I can feel the whole nerve back into my jaw screaming. I’ve taken Advil. I would like to take a nail and pound it through my jaw to distract me from it. It hurts that bad.

My wife has some Percocet, but they’re over a year old.

Thanks for this, I have to go in for this in two weeks.

Did you get knocked out with gas first, or did you just use novocaine? I am thinking gas myself. I cant believe they didnt give you any Tylenol 3.

I hate the dentist!

Scylla: Don’t suffer, man. If you haven’t yet, take the Percocet. And call the dentist tomorrow for something fresher.

Yeah, like vicadin.


Just novocaine. Didn’t have a root canal specialist, just my regular dentist.
I took a pecocet. Feel pretty good.



slightly OT.
Scylla, that’s what MS feels like for me, only all the time.


Multiple Sclerosis feel like that? All the time? Root canal pain is the second worst I’ve felt in my entire life. It’s only slightly better than getting severe 3rd degree burns.

I cannot imagine having to live like that all the time.
Please tell me that there’s been a misunderstanding and that it’s not as bad as that.

At any event, you have my admiration for being able to deal with such a horrible disease. My pain is bearable because I know it’s going away, and it’s just a tooth. Your post certainly puts my self-piteousness in perspective.

You have my deepest sympathies. I had two teeth broken off by a metal pipe. Thought that hurt. Then friends gave my some cold water to wash out the blood and chips of enamel. Cold water + exposed nerve. I know that hurt.

Getting them “repaired” was worse.

It might not actually be “the nere dying”, though. Nerves form connections. Exposing a nerve and riping it out of its “community” has a way of, shall we say, inflaming the neighbors. Doesn’t make the pain any less real or any less severe, but perhaps it holds out the hope that the pain will recede on its own over the next 48 hours. Mine did.

Of course – it all comes back if I am foolish enough to bite directly into a popsicle. Ow and ow again.

I had second thoughts about that post as soon as a hit the send button. Yes, it feels like that to varying degrees all the time but I didn’t mean to diminish the pain you feel in any way. Hurt is hurt. I’m experiencing a flare up in my lower legs right now and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself earlier today. You’ll feel better, so will I.