REAL Americans Don't Watch Freida

Ellen Hubbard of the American Film Renaissance Festival was just on Weekend Edition Sunday. She talked about visiting an art house theater that was showing Frieda and Bowling For Columbine and asking something like “Where are the films for REAL Americans?”

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Allow me to complete my thought (which has now completely deserted me.:smack: ) …

Mrs. Hubbard, I am a Real American. Don’t belittle my patriotism just because I want to see movies that express views different from yours.

A very embarassed,

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Thank you. The story still doesn’t seem to be available to listen to at the NPR site even though it is listed in the rundown (scroll to find).

For the record, the title of the movie is Frida and I did hear the interview early Sunday morning. However, I was so groggy at the time that I wondered if I was dreaming the whole thing. The people interviewed just seemed so absurdly jingoistic and narrow-minded that they couldn’t be for real. Even now, I think they there’s a possibility this group is a hoax designed to lampoon the excessive patriotism (and parochialism) of many American conservatives and that they just whooshed NPR.

In any case, if thy movie offends thee, DON’T GO.

It might not be a patriotism issue though. She may just mean where are the bland, explosion-laden swill movies that do little to stimulate the viewer. The ones you can go to to take a nap for a couple hours while your swarm of offspring alternate between irritating the other patrons, staring awestruck at the sex scenes, and memorizing the various ways to kill someone.

She may be insulting the general audience rather than the discerning viewer in other words.

Actually, I see this as syptomatic of the general knee jerk reaction to anything that could be considered gasp “intellectual”. I have just left the rarified atmosphere of an ivory tower (very happily, by the way) and I’m back home hanging out with old friends, who sneer at my choice of drinks, clothes, and the fact that I another gasp read.

Now, I know someone’s going to come in here and accuse me of being an intellectual snob. I’m not. I just object when my friends yawn in my face when I try to introduce a topic of conversation beyond “Dude, I got so drunk last night!” The same thing happens when I try to rent movies with them. Sometimes, I feel like watching Leathal Weapon 4. I like it alot. Other times, I want to watch Gosford Park. However, my friends want to watch Leathal Weapon 4 again. Or Die Hard, or A Man Apart. All of these are reaonably good movies. But, occasionally, I just want to watch something different!!!
Arrrggghhhh!!! pant, pant

Wow, I kinda went off there, huh? To recap, I find the anti-intellectualism currently pervading America to be disturbing, to say the least.

Excuse me? The woman in the OP went to an art house, and complained because it was showing something outside the mainstream?


Color me puzzled. I thought that was what art houses were** for**. So people who wanted something more challenging than Lethal Weapon IX could still go to the movies.

Heard the interview. Even the interview was gobsmacked by her comment about “real Americans.” It was disgraceful.

Their basic idea, of making a place for conservatives to get their documentaries aired, sounds fine to me. Their martyrdom act, in which they claimed that at least 50% of America was out of touch with Hollywood values, was fucking stupid.


I hope their festival does well. Seriously, if it gives folks a chance to see films they might not otherwise be able to see, that’s great. I can accept the fact that others have different taste in movies than me without impugning their patriotism. Unlike that stupid cow.

I heard the interview too. I too was not thrilled by the “real Americans” remark.

But they also said “We think it is great for the Michael Moore’s of the world to make their documentaries. We don’t want to subtract from Hollywood, we want to add to it.”

And I see nothing wrong with that goal.

I find it highly amusing that a group of people who claim to love freedom have endorsed so throughly the totalitarian view that art should serve as a means of spreading the prevailing state ideology. Films that explore the human condition are of no use to the “real Americans”; they require films that reflect only the neo-con view of “Americanism” and extol the virtues of the Great Leader, President Bush (May he reign for ten thousand years!).

I daresay that Comrade Hubbard would approve a film of the Republican Party Convention, perhaps with an opening shot of Air Force 1 descending from the clouds, greeted by apple-cheeked, blue-eyed, blonde Ary… , er, Republican youth, combined with scenes from Iraq demonstrating the triumph of Dubya’s will.

It’s the Amurrican Way, dammit, gobear! Now, repeat after me, “I love Big Brother!” :eek: