"Real Beverly Hillbillies"--and a great AP typo!

From an article on today’s AP about that stupid, controversial proposed show:

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (AP) – WANTED: Extended family from deep in the Appalachian backwoods, unfamiliar with big-city life. Must be willing to load up the truck and move to Beverly. Hills, that is. Casting agents from the CBS reality series “The Real Beverly Hillbillies” plan to hold open auditions in eastern Kentucky next month as part of an effort across the rural South to find real-life counterparts of the fictional Clampett clan. But don’t expect a Clampett-like welcome, even in a region comfortable enough with its heritage to stage an annual Hillbilly Days Festival. “They’re just going to be relying on a tired, old, worn-out stereotype about life in the rural South,” said Ewell Balltrip, head of the Kentucky Appalachian Commission. “The result will be to perpetuate this myth of the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ image, which is not representative at all today.” Some here said television producers may be disappointed to find out that people in the hills of Appalachia like to go at malls, surf the Internet and play video games just like everyone else.

'Course they likes to go at malls—they ain’t got no bafrooms at home!

I reckon they go at ‘em with a shootin’ rifle.

Altohugh not really “hillbillies” per se, am I the only person who thought that the father+son duo from the Sox/Royals game would be perfect for this show?

Haughty neighbor: I hate to be a bother but your refuse containers are on my property. Could you please remove them post haste?

Father: Efff you buddy. Git him, Spud! (Family-style beatdown ensues)

and so on.

Aw, Eve. Are you trying to provoke me? :wink:

I thought The Anna Nicole Show was already on the air.

Wouldn’t going to an open audition make you too culturally aware to be on the show?

“Wouldn’t going to an open audition make you too culturally aware to be on the show?”

—Perhaps. But going at an open audition would qualify you right off . . .

I don’t need to watch the Beverly Hillbillies - I just attend family reunions with all my Kentucky kin. That’s more reality than ANYONE needs.