REAL christmas pudding

Does anyone know where I can get a proper Christmas pudding from? (UK, near London) I mean a real boiled suet pudding. The ones I’ve seen are suet free, and the pudding base is breadcrumbs. They just don’t taste the way puddings used to taste.


Not a single answer? This is the only time The Dope ever let me down. :frowning:

I don’t have a clue, but “boiled suet” and “pudding” don’t seem to go in the same sentence to me. Ewww.

My Christmas pudding has no breadcrumbs. Or suet - I use lard or shortening.

Googling “christmas pudding uk” turns up this and this. Adding “traditional” to the search string turns up this and this.

Take your pick.

The last one on the list is the only one that’s flaming, if that’s an important consideration to you. And come to notice it, none of them are boiled; they’re all steamed.

My husband made a real plum pudding this year, hard sauce and everything. It was labor-intensive but not at all difficult. The major issue was locating the suet, and we were able to find that from the local Wegman’s (we live near Washington DC).