Real Coffee Or Fake?

After a trip to the corner Starbucks, I have a simple question: how do they get caffiene out of coffee beans?

Caffeine dissolves in chlorine. Unfortunately, I can’t recall how the beans are cleansed of chlorine after being decaffeinated…anyone?

Maybe they leave the chlorine in…now that’s a buzz.


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I heard they simply soak the beans in water.

Decaffinated coffee is not the question…

Why the Hell are you asking such a question on a MB where we have all imbibed such copious amounts of caffine…

such cpious amounts of caffiene…

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This should really be in general questions.

Pretty much moist, green coffee beans are bathed in a solution that removes caffeine.

Originally (early 1900’s) the solution was benzene.

Nowadays, I’ve heard of several chemicals being used:
[ul][li]water[/li][li]ethyl acetate[/li][li]carbon dioxide under high pressure[/ul][/li]
If I remember right, using water is the least effective, but some companies will claim “water decaffeinated” because it’s more “natural.”

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The same applies to The Gap, a location on St. Mark’s place notwithstanding.

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So, does decaffeinated coffe taste different because of the process used, or does it taste different because of the lack of caffeine?

It tastes different because it’s fake coffee. Where’s the fun of removing the good stuff?

It’s like chocolate, without the chocolate.

Since when is there a Gap on St. Marks? Yaaaargh! (Maybe I’ve seen it and just blocked it out or something.)

Yah, the Green Beans (coffee beans, that is) are soaked in a solution that takes out the caffeine. Water is sometimes used, but the disadvantage is that it tends to take out too much of the flavor compounds in the coffee. Chemicals are usually used–chemical processes are cheaper than the water process. Chemical processes leave better flavor, but then there is the question of chemical residue. I haven’t the foggiest idea how they get the chemicals out of the beans. I can’t believe it, but it’s never occurred to me to wonder.

And Starbucks coffee sucks ass, in New York and everywhere else too.

I read that Sanka, the granddaddy of decaf java, used water – but not plain water. They used salt water.

Gotta say, I see no point in drinking coffee without the caffeine. What, you drink it for the taste? BLEH!

Ruffian, who likes to add a little coffee to her cream and sugar

I signed onto this board specifically for the answer to that question. My work here is done.

(And I don’t even drink coffee.)