Real Identity Of Cecil Adams

Who do you think Cecil Adams’ real identity is?


I’ll go with “An obnoxious fictional character made nearly obsolete by the amount of information now available at your fingertips courtesy of the internet.”

Me. I think I’m Cecil Adams.

Nevermind that I was born in 1990. I’m still him.

No, I am Cecil Adams!

I’m Cecil Adams, and so is my wife!

I thought Cecil Adams was… you know, Cecil Adams.

Grizzly Adams’ sensitive new-age Pointdexterish cousin.

A little Cecil exists in everyone at the Chicago Reader. You might say they all made up Cecil.

It’s been Zotti for quite a while but there were a couple of other Cecils in the early years.

I’ll mostly sign on to this description, although I’d probably slightly weaken the “obnoxious” part.

I will respond to this as I would if one of my friends had asked the question.

“YOUR MOM is Cecil Adams!”

Appreciate the mystery.

The sad fact of the matter is that Cecil Adams was actually a psuedonym used by J. D. Salinger so he could continue writing undiscovered. He did leave a substantial backlog of unpublished columns but once those are released, there will be no more.

And no more Thomas Pynchon novels either.

He’s a righteous dude, a Chicago son. There… I believe that narrows things down appreciably.

Can Cecil Adams come up with a question so obscure that even he cannot fight ignorance about it?

Adams is Zotti, or Zotti is a plagiarist (a book published under Zotti’s name took large portions of Cecil’s columns).

I think there have been more than one Cecil Adams over the years.

Cecil Adams is whoever they can get to fit into the suit.

Cecil Adams is a former neighbor’s brother-in-law.

True story.