Real Life Moments of Zen

I considering posting this in Cafe Society, but I think it fits better here.

“The Daily Show” concludes all of its shows with “A Moment of Zen.” (The Master on Zen) Basicly its a brief clip that makes one think or in some cases say aloud “What the hell?” One example of this is a clip of a cute toddler in a pink dress holding a realistic looking gun (I think and hope it was a fake) and just doing toddler things with it (holding it, chewing on it :eek: ). I had one of those today.

I was in the local groceries store glancing down aisles when I did a double take. There was a rack of books with a sign over them reading “Inspirational Books.” Most of the books were the type you would expect to see there; books like “Take Control the Christian Way” and "90 Minutes in Heaven*, " but there was one book that stood out like a sore thumb: Islam and Terrorism.

Now sure, many terrorists claim to be “Muslim.” Want to write a book about that, fine. What the hell is it doing in “Inspirational Books?” I half expected a blurb on the inside reading “This book changed my life. -Dina Araz”

Anybody else have moments like that?

*Seriously. I didn’t make that one up. Back in my day it was 7 Minutes in Heaven, but whatever.