Real Life Simpsons

If hollywood were to make a live human version of the simpsons who would play who?

Dr hibbert - Bill Cosby
Rainer Wolfcastle - Arnold Swchernegger (Sp?)(easy one really!)
hmm i cant think of no more, well i’ll leave it up to you ;j

Bruce Willis as Homer

Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle as Bart

William H. Macy as Smithers

Kirk Douglas as Grandpa

patric stewart as Mr. Burns

or maybe Ed O’Neil (married w/ children) as homer?

Larry King as Moe.

Mike Meyers as Groundskeeper Willie.

Put an afro on him and Jimmy Fallon as Disco Stu.

The late Chris Farley could’ve been Barney.

Dust off his uniform from “Third Rock” and Wayne Knight could be Chief Wiggum.

Jack Black, with a few extra pounds, could be Comic Book Guy.

Dave Foley as Ned Flanders.

John Leguzamo (sp?) could be krusty the clown, just look at his preformance as ‘clown/violator’ in spawn